a hundred

Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. (Matt 13:8)

This session brings a new opportunities for us to learn about the Kingdom.  As part of our year-long partnership with Kids Food Basket, Ms. Christina, Youth Engagement and Education Coordinator, provided the heroes with all kinds of seeds and soil to plant, care for, harvest, share and invite others to bless KFB in return.  This Kingdom paying it forward is a blessing for us this session.  Just recently, Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans, Blue Lake Bush Beans and Sugar Snap Peas were planted in pots.  Once we build our raised beds, we will add radish, zucchini, cucumber and bok choy to the garden.  Jesus used concrete images and stories to help illustrate the Kingdom.  As we considered the parable of the sower this week,  the act of planting as well as the anticipation of what is to come took root in many heroes’ minds.

To be sure, the Kingdom is not something to be domesticated. Clark, Asa and Jack taught us this lesson as they were studying the spring plants.  Asa and Jack located a plant (pictured above) they called, “Tribe.” Clearly, they were familiar with it. And it wasn’t until they held up a plant to share with Ms. Sarah and myself that we realized that they had located wild chives.  The harvest began soon after as Will stuffed chives into a bag to bring home to his mom who “loves chives!” Clark has articulated a dream to farm someday.  This spring, his dream came early.  In a wonderful touch, Ms. Sarah collaborated with Clark to make a Chive Dip with potato chips as the perfect way to end our week.  Taste and See that He is good.  Indeed.

So much has been sown here at Journey.  The soil is rich.  We wait on the fields we all have invested in.  And like the gospel writer, I believe we will soon declare, “they are ripe with harvest.”  May we all have eyes to see.

//Dr. T//


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among us

(by Carter, ELS hero)


The Word became flesh and dwelled among us.  (John 1:14)


The three weeks of this Quest flew by. It has been a time of learning about serving with heroes secretly serving each other and collectively serving Kids’ Food Basket. It has been a time of learning the intricacies of joyful rhythms as the heroes have innovated creative practices like gymnastic percussion (look in the videos). It has been a time of reading Isaiah 9, Luke 2 and John 1 to study the Christmas story. It has been a time of responding to musical worship through art.

And I think the John 1 passage where Jesus made his dwelling among us was an apt description for these three weeks. He came and made His dwelling among us as we served like He did. He came and made His dwelling among us as Ms. Jamie collaborated with heroes to arrange the worship songs. He came and made His dwelling among us as heroes explained to Ms. Kristin about how their art is a response to worship.

The Heroes are excited to share what they’ve learned with you. Check out their exhibition here. 

He is among us; and that’s why we worship.

//Dr. T//

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