all your heart

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)

The heroes are learning about seeking with all their hearts this session.  They are stretching themselves in Core Skills getting ready for the next level or the next studio. They are learning how to own their own spiritual journey, using tools with which they’ve been equipped.  And they are seeking an elusive suspect with all of their heart in this Forensics Quest.

They are spending quite a bit of time in our storage room where a crime has been committed.  The thief seems to have entered through the window pictured above, leaving a glove behind on the chair. The criminal absconded with ECHO, Journey’s robot. Being present and noticing requires a whole-hearted effort.

The wonderful thing about Quests and Project-based learning in general is the chance to link different content areas and contextualize the content and skills within a purposeful project.  This session the heroes have been learning about the scientific method and the value of evidence, hypothesizing as well as testing.   Hanging in through the whole process asks you to bring your whole heart.

The heroes are learning to step back and see the big picture as they pursue the thief.  And their process is teaching them to see the connections between seemingly disparate pieces of evidence. Stepping back and connecting requires your whole heart.

Along the way they are learning discipline-specific vocabulary which makes sense in the context of an investigation.  They are able to reach higher because they have the background knowledge necessary for the word acquisition.  Truly, becoming fluent requires your whole heart.

Whether it’s an elusive criminal or a God who tells you ahead of time that He will be found, this stage of our heroes’ journey is about pursuit.  Join us in our seeking after.

//Dr. T//


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