...equips students with a

love of learning

and real-world skills for success.

At Journey Academy, your child will...

Learn to be a curious, independent, lifelong learner.

Learn through real-world projects that will equip them for the future.

Prepare to thrive in a world that needs independent, motivated thinkers.

Are you hoping for more from the current educational model?

You worry that your child is passive and bored in the traditional school setting, and deep down you know there has to be something better. Sitting at desks and memorizing facts isn’t allowing your child to be an active, self-motivated learner.

Where is Journey Academy located?

At Journey Academy, students take charge of their own learning.

Guided by purpose and faith, we believe our students will launch into adulthood prepared to find their calling and change the world.

“This school is everything I have been piecing together in my mind, and I didn’t know it existed. I thought I was going to have to home-school my child because I needed to create this environment, but it exists at Journey Academy.“
“I highly recommend Journey for all parents who wish to give their children the gift of being a curious, life-long, and motivated learner.”
“We saw our child come to life, and gain confidence in himself and who he is as a person in a way we have never experience before.”

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