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through Him

…all things have been created through Him and for Him. Colossians 1:16 As we wrote in our hero’s notebooks this week on the stumps about this verse from Colossians, I was struck how Paul was establishing the foundational nature of Christ.  As we looked out over the back thirty acres, I thought this was created […]

slow down

8 a.m. is one of the more hopeful times of my daily journey.  Each morning, our team finishes our stand-up meeting where we check in about the day and I then filter my way out to the sidewalk to await the arrival of the heroes. 


The point is each time is that we go back to the source for the grace and strength to become reconcilers in our family, in our school, in our city and in our nations.  


Week 4: Sept 21 – 25 Reconciling Reconciling is becoming friendly again and making things right when they feel off. Empathy is feeling in your heart the things that other feel.   In the picture book “The Story of Ruby Bridges” written by Robert Coles, we see an example of reconciling and empathy. Ruby said […]

Building Empathy

Week 4.5 Building Empathy This week we focused hard on learning about the reconciling practice of empathy. Through hero talks, videos, discussion, and skits, we learned what empathy means and looks like. One discussion in particular led to these ideas and conclusions: How do we practice empathy? show support for others when something good or […]

Week 3.5 Designing

Week 3.5 Designing This week was a busy one! We started this week by setting big goals during core skills and creating a plan to reach those goals! Each day at the end of core skills, we take some time to do a self check-in. Did we have the tools we needed to reach our […]