Career Posting – Guide Apprentice

Journey Academy
is seeking a Guide Apprentice who will flourish in our curiosity-based, learner-driven, courage-filled and Christ-centered community. Our mission is to help others find a calling and change the world.

Purpose of Guide Apprentice:
To support the Lead Guides at Journey Academy and learn how to become a guide for heroes in finding a calling and changing the world.

Priority Function 1: 
To support and learn about a curiosity-based studio
Critical Tasks/Activities

  • assisting heroes in identifying and pursuing their passions 
  • support on field trips to inspire heroes
  • support quests and exhibitions  

Priority Function 2:
To support and study a learner-driven, courage-filled studio
Critical Tasks/Activities

  • provide quest maps, badge requirements, challenges, rewards, and guardrails to empower and inspire.
  •  present processes, examples, and challenging questions
  • allow heroes to learn from failure and natural consequences 
  • listen, affirm character traits and gifts, and praise efforts, especially when the path is difficult
  • celebrate with heroes as they take on more responsibility and freedoms
  • be an independent learner on your own hero’s journey
  • support individual heroes in setting and achieving their learning goals 
  • hold up a mirror so heroes can see themselves in order to hold them accountable to the promises they have made to each other, their parents, and the guides.
  • acting as a role model as an independent learner on a Hero’s Journey
  • empowering heroes to own studio processes and expectations
  • supporting the documentation of learning through projects, achievements, and everyday activity 
  • supporting the guidance of heroes through the creation of their learning portfolios

Priority Function 3:
To support and participate in a Christ-centered studio
Critical Tasks/Activities

  • actively engaging in one’s own journey of following Christ 
  • modeling and inviting heroes to explore Kingdom practices
  • supporting regular reflection
  • supporting opportunities for heroes to share what they are discovering

Priority Function 4:
Daily Activities

  • greet heroes in the morning and listen to them
  • guide heroes to find resources that will help them in their academic programs.
  • participate in morning launches, worship, and devotions.
  • meet with heroes one-on-one for academic  check-ins to guide them in their goals, discuss their academic progress, and inspire them to challenge themselves towards excellence.
  • ask questions to help heroes reflect, problem solve, navigate challenges, guide heroes in holding one another accountable to their studio covenants.
  • guide heroes in their writing and Deep Books.
  • be present with heroes during lunch and snack.


Preferred Experiences and Skills:  At Journey Academy, it is important to be an active and passionate follower of Jesus, affirming a historical practice of Christianity. We are looking for an apprentice with deep curiosity, a lifelong love of learning, endless patience, and innovative practice. Candidates should have proven excellence in guiding others, whether in or out of a school environment. Montessori, project-based and/or experiential learning experience is a plus. Experience managing mixed-aged groups of children; planning and implementing games or projects; coaching or mentoring experience a plus. 


This is a position for an independent learner who can work with little direct guidance; someone who likes to collaborate, experiment, evaluate and continually improve; and someone who is a flexible problem-solver. It is essential that this person can learn fast, loves to work hard, is an active reader and writer and comfortable using and learning a variety of technology tools. Most importantly, candidates should have a trust and respect for children’s ability to learn and grow without intensive adult intervention; be kind-hearted and tough-minded; have a calm demeanor and is familiar with the Hero’s Journey.


This role is the first step of the on-ramp to the Journey Academy team.  Expect to be mentored in the practice of guiding by our entire team.  Our goal is to help interested candidates to grow from a Guide Apprentice to a Lead Guide, helping even more heroes discern His calling and change the world.   


Job Type: Part-time

Salary: Our guides receive competitive pay, commensurate with experience.


If you’d like to begin the process to apply for this world-changing opportunity, please email your cover letter and resume to the Journey Academy Hiring Committee at


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