The sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall.

(Malachi 4:2)


We welcomed Grandfriends into the studio on Friday.  Like the prophet described healing, the arms of grandfriends settled heroes with their faithful strength. As Miss Sarah was looking at the heroes interacting with their elders, she teared up saying, “The love and guidance across the years is so beautiful.”

And it was.

Heroes and grandfriends honored each other as they noticed what they were grateful for in each other, what they liked and what gifts they saw. Afterwards, the grandfriends placed a hand on the heroes around them and Reaghan (ES hero) prayed a blessing over all of us. 

When the Kingdom is realized, the gates will be open to send us out in joy.  The heroes spent quite a bit of time talking about what that could look like.  In this moment of learning outdoor skills, Asa skipped like a calf to show his mom his water filter that he had created.  Going above and beyond with the number of filter levels, his attention to clean water and success made for a wonderful car ride home.

This week, the heroes learned first aid from such accomplished professionals as Dr. Nick and Nurse Jen. They were also aided in learning by accomplished first aid actor parents like Ms. Lauren, Nurse Jen, Mr. Jason and Ms. Kara.  Documenting the learning with visual poster representations helped them to bring back all the lessons about first aid that they will bring with them on their journeys as heroes.

The sun is rising. The gate is opening.

Join us as we celebrate.

//Dr. T//

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