with God all things are possible.” (Matt 19:26)

The heroes contemplated the story of the rich, young ruler this week during Kingdom Time.  We talked about how creating wealth is a good thing and we talked about how Jesus loved the rich young ruler so much that He invited him to make sure that his wealth wasn’t his ultimate thing.  The heroes were struck how the ruler walked away from Jesus.  Will, in such a lovely compassionate way asked, “Did he come back to Jesus?” I responded, “That’s a great question Will.”

This Scripture coincides with our Entrepreneurship Quest.  As heroes like Isabelle (pictured above) take their initial steps on their journeys as entrepreneurs they are making plans, they are calculating costs, they are researching potential customers, they are designing display spaces, they are  dreaming big and they are trying to learn how to look at this all from a Kingdom perspective.  And as the story teaches, all things are possible.

The Grand Rapids Children’s Business Fair will be held on Saturday May 22 from 10a to 12p at the Ada Farmer’s Market. 7239 Thornapple River Drive, 49301.  All of our heroes, along with other young entrepreneurs from all around Grand Rapids will be selling their products.  As part of their quest, the Journey Heroes have learned about e-commerce and have developed their own on-line presence for their business.  The Hero Shop is now open!

To prepare for their internet debut, heroes wrote persuasively, staged images intentionally and considered an on-line presence.  Working with Journey parent Jason Sasso, they thoughtfully conferred with him and collaboratively crafted their page.  Viewers can use the above link to preview the merchandise and strategically prepare for what they can buy in-person at the business fair.  Viewers can also pre-order for pickup at the business fair.  Finally, Viewers can buy products  for later pickup at Journey Academy or for mail delivery (some products will not available for shipping).  With limited inventory, we do ask for patience with our delivery fulfillment timeline.  If you need delivery, select flat rate shipping at check out, and we’ll coordinate shipping with you.

The heroes have been learning about how to meet the needs of others as well as how make the products that meet these needs possible.  And they have learned how to seek God in the process.  Join us in eagerly witnessing what has been made possible at the Children’s Business Fair next Saturday.

//Dr. T//

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Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. (John 15:13)

On Tuesday, the Elementary Studio celebrated Emmry and Sloane for mastering the content necessary to earn their badges and move up to the next level. Rather than time spent in seats as the guide for learners advancing, when heroes at Journey are ready, they take the step to the next level.  And we love to party when they do.

To mark their demonstrations of mastery, Miss Cheryl convened an honor circle for both heroes.  We see Jesus prioritizing “honoring one another” and we practice honor throughout the year.  At Journey, honor includes recognizing the things we are thankful for in the hero, gifts we see in the hero and what we like about the hero. On this day, the heroes gave thanks for Emmry’s gifts and grace in the studio.  They recognized her hard work and her ability to be comfortable as a leader not only in the studio but in the school.  Personally, I find myself relying on Emmry for her insights, young wisdom and great memory for the values of our school.

As the conversation turned to Sloane, heroes valued her ability to focus, her quiet and quirky sense of humor,  her passion for reading and her humble care and listening to others came out during the time of honor.  Toward the end of our time of focusing on Sloane, in the way only a sister could know, Clara spoke up. “Sloane. I think of that Bible verse we learned earlier in the year.  ‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’ That’s you Sloane.”

The Bible describes this as a prophetic word.  Clara was strengthening and encouraging Sloane.  She applied a Kingdom practice, unprompted, to build up her sister.  Through meditating on Scripture, she was able to bring the Scripture into the exact moment it was called for.

May we all speak words to strengthen, comfort and encourage like Clara.

//Dr. T//

p.s. As heroes are practicing prayer in the Restorative Room, we have set up a prayer email address.  If you have prayer requests that you would like to submit, write to prayer@journeyacademy.org. I will edit for length, content and readability while the heroes will intercede on your behalf for your requests.


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Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.

(2 Corinthians 9:6)


Since first coming to lead Journey Academy some 15 months ago, one of the key distinctions I found was the passion that heroes, parents and staff all had for this endeavor.  We truly are on a journey of heroes together; and we are running with vim and vigor.  We have so many courageous entrepreneurs, artists and adventurers, young and old.  During Kingdom Time this week, we studied Paul’s exhortation to the Corinthian church.  Often connected with generosity, the text also reminds me of the passion I’ve found at Journey. This community sows passionately into each undertaking that presents itself.

Maker Play has been a place where our Early Learners have sown deeply.  With our collection of loose parts, our Maker Play space has morphed from construction projects, to imaginative play, to athletic testing, to animal study.  Ms. Sarah, our Early Learning Guide steps back and observes, gathering data for which to facilitate the reflective conversation at the end of the day.  The play becomes their text to study, assess and grow from into the future.  A new passion emerged Wednesday afternoon as the heroes built a stage and began their inaugural episode of Journey’s Got Talent.  Our newest hero Lucas performed his self-styled song about the T Rex (pictured above).  


Families sow deeply into Journey.  Winters found families setting up a Ski Club to zip down the Cannonsburg hills.  Building on this success, this spring parents passionate about biking decided to gather for an after-school bike ride into downtown Ada, ending with ice cream at the Ada General Store.  Heroes look forward to the ride, even to the point of Serene bringing her bike helmet to school so she wouldn’t be missing any necessary gear.  


Journey’s values of being learner-driven, curiosity-based, courage-filled and Christ-centered have gathered families who are passionate about innovation as well as entrepreneurial projects.  This session’s business fair finds heroes who are sowing into businesses that look to meet needs.  Simon’s draft of the elevator pitch for his business demonstrates his passion for helping others deal with stress. Heroes are learning to sow their seeds deeply and the blessings will soon be evident for all around.  

May we all plant deeply.

//Dr. T//


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