Week 3.5 Designing

Week 3.5


This week was a busy one! We started this week by setting big goals during core skills and creating a plan to reach those goals! Each day at the end of core skills, we take some time to do a self check-in. Did we have the tools we needed to reach our goals? Did we choose the right environment for good focus? Did we support other heroes in reaching their goals, or did we distract them from their goals? These are important reflective questions that help us learn about ourselves as learners!


During project time this week, we spent time designing a studio t-shirt! The heroes all created a few different designs, then we held a voting session to pick out our favorite designs! The winner was a combination of Charlie’s tie-dye color scheme and Lola’s “I love Journey ELS” design! We can’t wait to see how these turn out!


We also held our first exhibition this week! The heroes showed how they engage with the Maker Play space, whether rolling in tubes, creating homes for grasshoppers, or building bunk beds, they continued to get creative with the supplies! The heroes also showed parents around the studio, highlighting their own desks, the library, and the silhouette game (did you guess right?!) It was fun and lighthearted. On our exhibition reflection day, the heroes claimed they felt great about their work. One particularly funny reflection was, “my mom saw that I was distracting heroes and that wasn’t so fun” – it’s all a learning process! Once you know it, you can notice it and grow!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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