Beyond the typical book report

Week 3: Sept 14 – 18

Beyond the Typical Book Report

When it comes to book projects, there are so many ways for a hero to show their comprehension for books they read. That’s why ES heroes can choose from a growing list of book review options. In last week’s “New Inspiration in ES” blog, I listed the current book review methods for ES to choose from. Coming soon, several more methods will be added.


Reading her Deep Book


A bird’s eye view of Thomas Edison’s property is being created. This hero’s dedication to her diorama from “Who Was Thomas Edison?” is inspiring! She is making her diorama completely out of paper, tape, and glue.


Working on a slide presentation for a Boxcar Children mystery


More book review options coming soon:

  • write a sequel
  • write a new ending for the story
  • make a new book jacket for the book
  • create a book award
  • write an interview between you and a character
  • write a comic strip version of the book
  • make 3 drawings of important scenes from the book
  • create an illustrated timeline showing important events from the book
  • create a collage to tell about the book
  • create a mobile from items related to the story
  • create three postcards from one of the main characters
  • create a “10 Facts About [Book Title]” handout
  • write a letter to the main character asking questions about what took place in the story
  • create a Venn diagram to show similarities and differences in the traits of a main character and yourself


Other nuggets of gold from this week:

  • The heroes designed t-shirts and conducted multiple rounds of voting in order to select the design for the new ES t-shirt! During Town Hall Meeting, the heroes also created a plan B based on what the budget could afford.
  • The ES heroes conducted a reusable hand towel vs. paper towel debate (without whole-group practice). During the debate, one team brought up the facts that we use 66 paper towels per day at minimum (77 minimum if you add in going to the bathroom one time). They pointed out that this use of paper towels will quickly deplete our paper towel supply. At the end of the debate, the vote would determine the future of hand drying in the ES studio. Switching to individual rewashable hand towels won the most votes.
  • Thanks to everyone who was able to come the ES Exhibition with a LIVE Maker Play experience!


See you next week for the start of our Quest 1B!

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