one in heart and mind (Acts 4:32)

After talking with the heroes about our Scripture this week, I tried to draw out more of my understanding of the Scripture from the week. 

Our conversation helped my understanding and my hasty sketch reflects an understanding that Jesus can help bridge our different hearts and minds.  Compared to bumper stickers like “Think Good Thoughts,” this sketch suggests to me some persevering and deep ways that we can start to bring people together.  

We’ve been learning throughout our quest about tribe building.  One of the marks of the early Church that encountered Jesus is that they were “one in heart and mind.”  It goes on to say in Acts that they sold their goods and no one had need.  We started to build some common language in our school that can help us maintain our connection.  At the exhibition, Miss Cheryl talked about the ways that she saw heroes laying down their lives and their preferences; she testified about heroes that got low (in a foot washing way); and she described their one-ness as they overcame challenges throughout the three week Quest.  

And we are regularly adding to our one-ness as we welcome new heroes to Journey Academy.  On Thursday, Craig, Lauren and Asa joined our merry band. Asa jumped in right away to our Maker Play work.  Craig is returning to his old stomping grounds from Chicago for a next stage of his journey.  Lauren is starting her hero’s journey in a new city.  We welcome them and are excited to start on the journey with them.  

This word “one” brings me back to a particular moment in my history.  The year was 1997 and we were living in Brooklyn and U2 was going to be playing a concert fundraiser on Randall’s Island.  Despite the overcast day, it was a concert moment to remember. The song was One and I’m still hearing Bono singing “We get to carry each other, carry each other.” And I think initially that sounds taxing, frustrating and annoying.  But as I listen again, I realize what an honor it is.  What an honor it is to carry each other in this Journey Academy community.  What an honor it is to witness heroes carrying each other in these trying times.  What an honor it is to see parents sacrificially carrying their heroes as well as other heroes and their families.  And I think this is the possibility inherent in the word, one.  May we all be one in heart and mind.  

//Dr. T//

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