Celebrating Hard Work – Week 2.5

Week 2.5

Celebrating Hard Work

This week we spent lots of time refining and creating our 2020 – 2021 Hero’s Contract. The heroes all illustrated part of our contract to help us remember our expectations! They did a fantastic job capturing the meaning behind each guideline and putting it on paper! On Friday, we had our annual ceremony to celebrate the commitment each hero makes in signing the contract! We celebrated with lights, grape juice, and oreos!

Our fabulous ELS heroes after celebrating their commitment to following the Hero’s Contract!

Cheers with grape juice to a great tribe and an exciting new year!

Maker Play

This week in maker play the heroes embraced the sandboxes! They started a sand castle building competition using large paper tubes as megaphones and wildflowers as decorations! One particularly beautiful moment was when a few heroes were experiencing some frustration during Maker Play, and they suggested that there be a special “Friendship Bridge” for Maker Play! These heroes continue to take responsibility for their words and actions! We also spent some time writing our “Play Stories” and sharing them with each other after maker play. To see the recordings of these play stories, click here!

Double bunk beds for story telling!

“I’m a doll in a dollhouse!”

Sand castle team number one!

Sand castle team number 2!

The sand castle judges!

The great organizer in the ELS! He spent his maker play time organizing all the materials!

Enjoy your weekend!

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