We Journey Together Week 1.5

We Journey Together

Week 1.5 Unifying

This past week in the ELS we spent time learning about The Hero’s Journey, and learning how to show grace for each other as we journey together this school year. As we spend more time growing as a team, we are crafting our hero contract to hold each other accountable. And, all the while, spending more time learning how to communicate, think critically, problem solve, and get creative!

Here are a few nuggets of gold from our week! (Pictures here!)

  • We are in full swing of practicing our new procedures and man, do these heroes catch on quick! By Tuesday, the heroes were nestled in to their desired learning areas for core skills and focused for the entire time!
  • This week in town hall meeting, Carter mentioned a desire to transition our space from tables to desks. He proposed that this would help keep the heroes organized, the cubbies clean, and help the heroes take better care of each other as they do not share work spaces throughout the day. The rest of the heroes obliged and now, the studio looks quite different, but still very Journey!
  • The wind proved to be quite the obstacle during maker play! The heroes grew frustrated with materials blowing away or falling over, but persevered and found creative ways to overcome the wind obstacle!
  • We began creating “play stories” after maker play to reflect about the time spent outside. These stories were so fun to hear as the heroes gave us access to their imaginations!
  • Because we are a few sessions into maker play, the heroes hit a point of boredom. This boredom didn’t last long as the heroes were given time to get creative with their time! Soon, there was a discovery of new materials in the shed that were not noticed before and more creativity in the sand boxes!
  • The Hero’s Journey poster looks a little different this year! The heroes who were at school on Friday spent time thinking critically about how they would illustrate and describe the different parts of the journey. This led to creative illustrations and short videos with QR codes in our room to help guide us in understanding what this hero’s journey is all about!


Hope you had a wonderful long weekend!


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