Welcoming: Week .5 in the ELS Studio!

Week .5: Welcoming

Tribe-building Quest

Welcome back to the ELS studio for a brand new year! The energy and excitement in the studio is buzzing all day long and it feels just right.

We kicked off our new year with a tribe building quest, focusing on how to take good care of each other! We are learning and practicing hand-washing procedures as well as distancing practices. This is a new normal but the heroes are proving to be quite flexible and catching on quickly! (I mean, are we surprised?)

Dr. T is leading our Kingdom Time in the morning. On the first day of school we focused on Psalm 46:10 which says, “Be still and know that I am God.” We used this verse as a base for our breath prayer practice.

We had our first experience in the new Maker Play space on Thursday and WOW this was fascinating to watch! The heroes were given no instruction other than, “play!” and boy, they sure did play! And communicate! And problem solve! And think critically! A few of my favorite quotes from the afternoon include:

“How is the process going?”

“How can we make this funner?”

“This doesn’t look safe, let’s make it safer.”

“You can do it! It’s really fun and you’ll be happy you tried!”

“I bet if we were all on the same team, we could make this really fun!”

“Thanks for the help!”

This is just the beginning of Maker Play! I can’t wait to see how their thinking evolves and transforms as we spend more time in the space!

We also spent time bringing back old traditions of painting rocks and decorating the Journey Academy 2020 – 2021 banner that will hang in the vestibule for the year! It’s always so fun to see how these fun traditions unite us with past heroes.

To see pictures from the week click here!

See you next week!


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