ELS Studio week of March 9

Sorry the blog is a little late this week.

This week the heroes continued to work on the play and their groups.

Monday the heroes went to the Forest Hill Arts Center.  That was a wonderful adventure.  They toured the stage, behind the stage, where actors got ready for the play, where the costumes were kept, and even some trap doors and hidden doors.  The heroes were able to change lights and the stage and talk into the microphone.

                The heroes practiced projecting their voices.

gymnastics fun     

The heroes also practiced acting and worked on props for the play. Sorry but there was difficulties downloading pictures again.  I’ll try again later this week.

Right now we are hoping to still put on the plays after we return.  What it will look like we are not sure.  Heroes can practice their lines at home. They should have a script they brought home. If not please let us know and we can email one or one can get picked up from the academy.

More information will be coming about activities and core skills ideas soon during this time away.

Be healthy and safe during this break.  We continue to pray for our school, city, state, and country.






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