. . . let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works . . . (Hebrews 10:24)


I had the privilege to listen in to Miss Cheryl facilitate her academic check-ins.  In one simple response, she modeled a way to give feedback and call a hero to growth.  As they looked at the data from the past session, she invited the hero to set a goal for how many skill lists to complete during the six week quest.  After the hero proffered a proposal, she responded with this question, “ I notice that you are giving yourself six weeks to finish one list, is there any way that you could challenge yourself with lists completed?”

This wondering kind of feedback made sense for the hero as the quest began.  Other feedback happens in writing workshop as Miss Denise points Will to the mentor text that they had been studying on the wall.  “How does your writing compare to the one that we all wrote together?”

Other times feedback emerges from an invitation.  Miss Sarah asked the heroes to reflect before they started their Socratic Discussion. “What rule of engagement can we work on in this next discussion?”  As the heroes reflected, they identified “listening to each other” as their priority.

There are times that I cringe as I wait for feedback.  One of the things I’m learning about at Journey is that feedback is vital for heroes on a journey.

There’s an anecdote told about the Miami Heat after they won their first N.B.A. title in 2012.  They had superstars like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade.  They were talented and experienced.  They looked poised for continuing success.  But on the night of their championship, their coach Pat Riley came into the locker room with an announcement.  “You’re good,” he declared with substantial pause. “But you can get better.”  And they took in his feedback.  And they recaptured the title in 2013.

Feedback is crucial for our heroes and we aim to provide it.  Feedback is crucial for Journey Academy to get better.  We are jump-starting and reinstating a core practice for the Acton Academy network.  We are resuming our weekly request for feedback in the form of a very short survey for parents.  We are asking heroes for feedback in a similar survey.  We are asking the guides for feedback in a survey as well.  Each Friday.  Parents can expect an afternoon email with the link to the survey.  Our team expects to reflect on this data as we gather together.

We look to keep getting better at Journey Academy.  We look for this feedback to stir us to love and good works. And we pray that this may be so, for all of us on our journeys.

::Dr. T::

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