Forming a Theater Production Team

Week 25: March 2 – 6

Forming a Theater Production Team


Our second week of the Process Drama/Improv Quest has been filled with playbill writing, improv game practice, practicing our on-the-spot thinking, and growing as a team. In Writer’s Workshop, the heroes constructed the advertisement form and typed the acts and cast members. Thank you to those who have reserved their advertisement spots in the playbill.



We love when heroes lead discussions. Every Thursday this quest, one of the ES heroes will lead close discussion with the ELS.


Caleb, Isaiah, Jackson, and Alex from Calvin Improv came for a Hero Talk!


Great takeaways from Calvin Improv team’s Hero Talk

  • Ways to grow at improvising include practicing being creative, be willing to make mistakes, read a lot to broaden your understanding of things in this world, practice improv games multiple times, and hold conversations with any different kinds of people.
  • Improv helps us in life situations because it helps us think on the spot, respond to stimulus around us, try new things, adapt to the responses of others, respond under pressure (ex: interviews), speak clearly when talking, and so much more.
  • When performing an improv show, it is important to speak loudly, project your voice, speak clearly, be concise, and don’t ask questions.
  • Starting and ending an improv show is simple.
  • Improvisers love to share improv game ideas with one another.


Improv games we played this week:

  • Bad Advice
  • Improv Olympics
  • Speak As One
  • Letter from Camp
  • Barnyard Symphony
  • The News Interviewer


Welcome back to the “Journey Academy Heroes’ Podcast!” This week, Ellery and Reaghan chose to talk about growing closer to God. Enjoy!

Music: preview of “Energetic Ukulele” by Royalty Free Music Awwkwards



Have you asked your hero:

  • What was the process like as you worked on the advertisement form and the acts and scenes for the exhibition playbill?
  • If you have set a weekly program schedule for yourself, how did it go this week? If you have not set a weekly schedule, what are the pros and cons of having a schedule for your programs?
  • What difficulties came up as you collaborated together with your theater committees?
  • How are play rehearsals going with the directors and movement master?
  • What tasks are you and your committee/team currently working on?
  • What were your highlights from when Calvin Improv came for a Hero Talk?
  • What improv games that you have played so far do you think the people at Heather Hills Independent Village might enjoy watching?
  • What surprises have come up this week for you?

See you next week!

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