New Quest! Improv and Theater Jobs in ES!

Week 24: February 24 – 28

New Quest! Improv and Theater Jobs in ES!



The first week of the Process Drama/Improv Quest is off and running!  In addition to the excitement of the quest, the growth mindset that the heroes demonstrated as they set their session goals blew me away! They continue to move closer to their yearly goals, and a handful of yearly goals have already been blown out of the water!


In Writer’s Workshop, the heroes are writing the content for a playbill to pass along to the Playbill Designer Team. This week, the billing page was completed.



After reading through the theater job classified ad, each ES and ESL hero selected their top three job choices. When theater jobs were hired and posted, the heroes began meeting with their theater committee groups and carrying out their responsibilities for week 1. The committee meetings are off to a great start!



GR Gymnastics! Every Wednesday this quest, the heroes have the exciting opportunity to go to GR Gymnastics. Coach Tammy led a muscle-working gymnastics session that the heroes thoroughly enjoyed.



With the goal in mind to help younger heroes discover what leading a discussion looks like, the ES heroes have made a schedule for this quest with 6 close discussions being led by ES heroes. Another great opportunity to demonstrate leadership!



Warm-up games and long list of improv games! The heroes will choose 5-7 of these games to play/perform at the exhibition. We have just begun to scratch the surface of improv games.


Some of the improv games we have played so far:

  • Gibberish Interpreter
  • Let Me Help!
  • Fortunately, Unfortunately
  • One-Word-at-a-Time Story
  • Emotional Scenes
  • What’s on the Radio?
  • Helping Hands
  • 2 Ways to Die
  • Exaggeration Game
  • Where Is It?


Improv Rules

1) Say “Yes and”. Take the idea that is offered and run with it the direction it wants to go in the scene.

2) Make statements. Don’t ask questions.

3) There are no mistakes. Everyone onstage is a genius.

4) Listen, watch, concentrate. Be in the scene not in your head.

5) Give and take. You can look good if you make your partner look good. Focus on teamwork. 


Welcome back to the “Journey Academy Heroes’ Podcast!” This week, our topic is improv. The heroes are enjoying the process of creating a short weekly podcast. Our goal is to get every ES hero on a rotation. This week, we added prelude background music. The heroes liked the “opps” off-mic recording at the end, so even though we can edit the ending out, the heroes wanted the last few seconds left in for kicks and giggles! Enjoy!

Music: preview of “Energetic Ukulele” by Royalty Free Music Awwkwards



Have you asked your hero:

  • How do you feel about the goals that you set for session 5?
  • How can checklists help you in your work at home and school?
  • Did you decide to set a weekly schedule for your programs?
  • What improv rule is the most challenging for you so far while you participate in improv games? Which rule are you great at applying in the improv scenes?
  • What was your favorite part of GR Gymnastics this week? What gymnastics skill do you want to get better at?
  • What was the most difficult aspect of the playbill billing page to create?


See you next week!

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