ES Exhibition and Speech Week!

Week 23: February 9 – 13

Exhibition and Speech Week!


So much excited energy ran through Journey this week! Along with exhibition week comes a noticeable height in ownership, accountability, goal reaching, teamwork, and meaningful self-reflection. The list of effort, perseverance, and growth runs miles long, and I am thrilled to share some of these reasons to celebrate with you.


The heroes re-evaluated the responsibilities continuum and discovered that they could move more responsibilities to the “Heroes” side.


A hero led a discussion about how to make the world better by not littering. The heroes are working on leading more discussions and taking on more of this responsibility.


Presenting self-evaluations of this past session to fellow heroes followed by an opportunity for heroes to ask questions of each presenter.


Final Rube Goldberg machine in progress! Some groups has to start over and re-plan their section of the machine. One very challenging part of this machine was trying to join the separate sections into one continuous chain-reaction.


 Failures and successes are part of the process. Through failed attempts, the heroes practiced problem solving skills and teamwork as they sought after how to fix the “sticky” areas.


As a book review, a hero chose the board game method. When version one of the board game needed improvement, edits were made, and the game was tested again. Practicing problem solving and a growth mindset! Fellow heroes are so supportive in the entire process.


More nuggets of gold from this week:

  • Many session goals were reached this week as the heroes cranked out an extra dose of focus and concentration.
  • The heroes worked diligently to finish and strengthen their how-to speeches for the exhibition.


At the exhibition, the heroes demonstrated bravery as they tested out their Rube Goldberg machine to a live audience. They proved the difficulty of creating one continuous chain reaction machine.




Individual strengths and passions of each hero shined as they pushed through their nerves and presented their How-To speeches to the audience. Great grit, heroes!


Announcing the official “Journey Academy Heroes’ Podcast!” This week’s topic is “Green lighting.” Similar to how a green traffic light gives you the go-ahead for driving through an intersection, “green lighting” gives the go-ahead for projects, and in our case, our science binder. We green lighted (or some would say “green lit”) by fixing grammar and spelling errors in order to give the writing the go-ahead for displaying at the exhibition.



Have you asked your hero:

  • What are some things that you are most proud of from this session?
  • What are some things that you want to improve next quest?
  • What are you most proud of from the exhibition?
  • How did the ES heroes practice teamwork during this Rube Goldberg quest?
  • In what ways did you get distracted from your work this quest?
  • What are you curious about with the Improv Quest after break?

See you next week!

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