new season in a hero’s journey

And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. (Hebrews 12:1-2)

I’ll be honest; I’m new to this practice of heroes at Journey Academy.  Don’t get me wrong. I love it, but it still feels a little awkward in my vernacular.  I was raised with it being so big and virtuous and John Wayne-ish.  It has felt far from my experience as an introvert who listens first and then leads.   However as I started in my role as program director at Journey Academy, I’ve seen heroes on journeys. And I thought, I can do that.  In my first week, I am starting to get heroes.  

After a Monday of top-notch student-let tours, I found myself at Tuesday recess where Maddy, Reaghan and Evi offered to serve as guides on the walking trail.  They showed me the sledding hill, the deer skeleton as well as their favorite trees. I love to walk out in creation, so this invitation blessed my first days so much.  And this blessing was made possible by hospitable heroes who took the first step to welcome a stranger. I could be that kind of hero.    

Following the Thursday morning launch in ELS, I sat down next to Carter as he worked on Dreambox during the Core Skills block.  He turned to me, answering my questions about how he was working on math at his own pace. He explained his progress and what he still needed to do to earn his badge.  He made himself available and he taught me about his math learning. Heroic availability and the effort to explain. I could be that kind of hero.   

Later during Core Skills, Maddie and Liviet demonstrated their work with Lexia.  As they read, they would pause momentarily as they encountered new words. They asked each other questions as they looked for insight as well as ways to offer support.  I was struck by their willingness to stumble as well as discover with another hero.  Brene Brown calls this “wholeheartedness.”  Courageous heroes.  I could be that kind of hero.  

Jane hit some obstacles in her Rube Goldberg exhibition during Tuesday afternoon Quest time.  She shared with me about what she thought the problem was. In my first go at Journey’s Socratic guiding, I asked her questions.  I was overjoyed on Thursday to have her flag me down to share her solution. She had overcome. Holden was in the midst of navigating a disconnect in his group’s exhibition when he declared, “We’ll figure it out.” Carol Dweck calls this “growth mindset.”  The Bible calls this perseverance.  Persevering heroes.  I could be that kind of hero.  

Throughout the entire week, I have been struck by the gracious counsel of Matt Roefer.  Listening to his testimony about listening to the Lord’s prompting to start Journey Academy, I see the faithfulness of Matt and Dana in all that has been started.  I see how God is using this faithfulness to bring Him much glory. I see faithful heroes. And I pray that the Lord could fill me with His Spirit to be that kind of hero.   


One thing that I know about learning, we need to use it in our lives.  As I’ve learned from the Journey heroes this week, I want to put this into practice in the form of an invitation.  Join me at noon to walk the trail at recess following in Maddy’s, Reaghan’s and Evi’s footsteps.  Join me for a cup of coffee at 8:30a, just after drop-off. Join me for a cup of tea at 2:45p, just before pickup. Join me at the parent meeting on February 27 at 3:20p.   And when we do connect, I look forward to talking more about the journey together.

:: Dr. T ::

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