ELS studio week of Jan 13

This week the heroes investigated levers, fulcrums, and kinetic energy.

On Monday there was a hero talk, with Ms. Sarah’s dad.  The heroes investigated where to place the fulcrum to lift heavy objects with little effort.

On Tuesday the heroes investigated pullies, how to move an object up and down the pegboard. They had a choice of materials and experimented about which materials worked the best.

Wednesday the heroes investigated vibration with placing paint sticks inside books and pushing down on them.  They experimented with where to place the stick to make the most vibration.  The heroes then built with Lincoln Logs, working in their groups.  They could build anything but a house.  There was a barn, a tower, and a water tower.

Thursday was the field trip to Impressions 5.  The heroes had a wonderful time investigating all the different activities.

Today the heroes investigated Kinetic energy with bouncing and rolling balls to touch a cup.

The heroes then had an enjoyable time with Lego building.

What a wonderful, fun, and exciting week.



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