ELS studio week of Jan 6

It is the start of a new quest: Rube Goldberg machines.

Rube Goldberg drew machines that performed simples tasks in multiple steps.

This week the heroes had Chop Bags: a lunch bag that had at least four different materials in them, including paper towel rolls, yogurt cups, small plastic containers, and other fun plastic pieces.

Om Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they each had their own Chop Bags.  The criteria were that they had to use all the materials in some way and that the finished piece has to do some type of task.

On Thursday the heroes worked in teams to build something with Lincoln Logs but it could not be a house.

Today the heroes shared some Show and Tell.

Today the heroes also worked in their teams to create something from materials they picked out as a team.  The same criteria applied: have to use all the materials in some way and the finished creation has to do something.

Creations included a car, a water carrier with handle, a water tower, and a water fountain.

Next week heroes will be learning about incline planes, pullies, and Kinetic energy.



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