ELS studio week of Dec 2

The heroes have had a busy week.

Each day they practiced the play, including singing the songs and saying their lines.

Wednesday the dads had a special morning and enjoyed some doughnuts and games.

Level M’s have been writing their version of the Nativity story and the Level 1’s have been learning about poetry during writing time.

The heroes raised over $600 to buy gifts for a family of 10 children.  Today they went to Target and bought the gifts.  Once back at the Academy the heroes wrapped the gifts and had some pizza for lunch.

A HUGE thank you for the parents that organized the foster family shopping trip and for the pizza today.  The heroes were so excited about buying the gifts and wrapping them.

The heroes have also been making Christmas crafts, including coloring a gingerbread house to use for the play, making and learning the Driedal game,  creating some Christmas cards for the family and their own family, and making a wrapping paper chain to tell how many days there are to Christmas.

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