Discovering More About Michigan in ES!

Week 13: November 11 – 15

Discovering More About Michigan in ES!

Grit, perseverance, focus, dedication, and hard work spilled out of the doors and windows this week in ES! The heroes focused on their goals and got after them!

During our second week studying Michigan, the heroes dove deep into everything Michigan: Top companies, lakeshore towns, fun facts and history, major cities, and products grown here.

Camping out in the warm vestibule on Monday! Many goals were accomplished this week through hard work and tons of effort!

Tour of Amway! Learning about how this top Michigan company began, the artifacts found in the ground on their property, and Amway’s growth over the years captured the intrigue of the heroes.  

Michigan-grown resources and products! We certainly grow a bounty of great products in our state.

After each hero brainstormed, planned, and wrote their own playscript about Ada, the ES studio gathered together to vote on a script to use for rehearsing.

Acting skills came out this week as the heroes enthusiastically rehearsed their Ada play, which will be presented to the ELS next week.


The Character Callout Wall has filled up again! The heroes demonstrated bounds of character traits this week, including leadership, courage, perseverance, and self-control.


Have you asked your hero:

  • When was the last time you were so focused on something that when you looked up, it felt like time had flown by?
  • Do you think it was fair for the federal government to bail out General Motors from bankruptcy in 2009? Should the federal government bailout any company that goes into bankruptcy?
  • What is the most challenging scene to perform in the Ada play that you are rehearsing? Why?
  • Can we pray together using the ACTS method (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication/asking for our needs)?
  • How are you progressing with your Session 3 goals?

See you next week!

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