ES Exploring West Michigan History!

Week 12: November 4 – 8

ES Exploring West Michigan History!

Another week studying West Michigan! This week’s activities included simulating an assembly line, recording a tour guide audio about historical sites around Grand Rapids, studying the top philanthropic families in Grand Rapids, writing and delivering elevator pitches for well-deserving non-profit charities in West Michigan, adding Grand Rapids history dates to our timeline, and researching Art Prize and its impact on our community. What a great week it has been!

After learning about Henry Ford’s creation of the automobile assembly line, the heroes simulated their own assembly line to manufacture paper turkeys. Quantity and quality matter! Planning efficiently, teamwork, re-evaluating our progress, and quality control became necessary in our success.


West Michigan contains profound and deluxe historical sites, including bridges, Dutch heritage, historic homes, and museums. Each hero researched a historical site, planned guided tour audios, and recorded their speech to share with their fellow heroes.


We researched some of the top philanthropic families in Grand Rapids. Philanthropic people seek to promote the welfare of others through generosity, especially by donating money to good causes.

After researching the generosity and benevolence of others, we asked ourselves Where can I give money in my community? 


We also added many Grand Rapids historic dates to our very full timeline. Looking at pictures of Grand Rapids long ago is fascinating!

Researching Art Prize and its impact on Grand Rapids!


During Town Hall Meeting this week, the heroes discussed the current set-up of SIlent Core Skills and Collaborative Core Skills. When the topic of the workflow was presented, the heroes decided that separate skill times should indeed continue to ensure productivity and minimized distractions.


Scriptwriting! Our Ada scenes on the Ada Covered Bridge are progressing well.

Studying a real-world script exert from Beauty and the Beast as an example of excellence

The Ada Covered Bridge model was completed this week!


Have you asked your hero:

  • What is needed in order for an assembly line to function smoothly and efficiently?
  • What do you want on your epitaph?
  • What is something the Bible says about a true friend?
  • What is something you can do to not “bite the hooks” of teases from others?
  • Where is someplace you can give money to in our community?
  • “How you do anything is how you’ll do everything” is an unofficial motto of the Navy Seals. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • What do you want to learn on our tour of the Amway Corporation on Monday, November 11?

See you next week!

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