History Brought to Life in ES!

Week 10: October 21 – 25

History Brought to Life in ES!

Heroes enjoyed a scrumptious pioneer meal, including cornbread with homemade butter, chunky applesauce, glazed carrots, roasted turkey, and blueberry cobbler. The heroes loved it all!

Hero Talk! Frank Hoover came to share with us what life was like in Ada growing up. The heroes were amazed that he could explain almost every photograph in the Ada book from 1930-1980!

Collaborating together to create a 3D model of the Ada Covered Bridge!

Heroes used Josiah Brown’s patented truss system while recreating the model of the Ada Covered Bridge.

Reenacting bridge tolls! When high waters came, farmers took off the sides of the bridge, allowing the water to flow through the bridge rather than sweep it away.

Individual prices for each traveler across the bridge

A section of current-day Ada!


Our timeline is filling up with events and stories from Ada long ago, Ada now, and visions for Ada in the future from Envision Ada.

Playing a classic game of marbles, one of many games people of all ages enjoyed in years past.

Have you asked your hero:

  • What would be some good additions to the town that we live in? What would be the results if those things were brought into our town?
  • What are some of the envisions for Ada that are listed on the Envision Ada website?
  • What were your greatest accomplishments this week?
  • What did you fail at this week? (We learn from failure. Failure is okay.)
  • What would you like to learn next week about Grand Rapids long ago?

See you next week!

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