ELS Studio: Week of October 21st

The heroes have been working on farm animals this week.

Monday they discussed horses, They worked together as a team to design a farm scene.

Tuesday they learned about cows and begun drawing the background to their farm scene.  Wednesday they talked about chickens and began to construct their farms from small boxes and containers.,

Thursday they learned about pigs and worked to add the different animals.

Today they explored the Critter Barn and met chickens, rabbits, goats, and sheep.  They learned that mammals give their babies milk. They held chicks, petted rabbits, met baby goats, and even were able to hunt for eggs. At the end of the visit, they saw a pig perform some tricks,

In the afternoon, the heroes explored what happens when popcorn kernels are mixed with salt, and mixed with milk, and mixed with baking soda and vinegar. Then they explored what happens when popcorn is mixed with salt, milk and baking soda and vinegar. They made predictions then observed what really happened.


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