Historians are Treasure Hunters!

ES Week 9: October 14 – 18

New Quest! Starting with Ada Long Ago

We are Treasure Hunters, another name for Historians!

At the start of our new quest, the heroes explored what life would have been like in the 1800s when Ada first became a village.

A pioneer girl’s clothing tied and buttoned in the back, which required help from friends. Cool discovery!

Artifacts are anything we, or people from the past, use or make. We can better understand the past by understanding artifacts from the past.

Creating a map of Ada Dr. long ago and it’s surrounding streets and businesses!

The Ada Historical Museum contained amazing artifacts from both Native American settlers and pioneer settlers. Artifacts we saw included clothing, toys, furniture, music players, baskets, pearl buttons made from clamshells, work tools, and many more!


Sitting in a horse-drawn covered carriage! The carriage shock-system represented one of the many innovations built into everyday tools from the 1800s.

The old seed drill on the right enabled farmers to set a gauge that would change the size of the hole in the ground depending on the size of the seed. The result of this technology? A much-improved crop yield!

Brave heroes checking out the barn loft!

Look, we found Rix [Robinson] Street!!

Thursday, the heroes took a walking tour of Downtown Ada, visiting 11 plaques with pictures of what the land and/or buildings ahead of the plaques looked like a hundred years ago. So cool! We found where the doctor lived, where dresses were made, what the old schools looked like, where the fire of 1920 took place, and where the Ada Dr. businesses used to be.

Finishing the Scavenger Hunt at the Ada Covered Bridge! Thank you, Ms. Kristen, for a thrilling tour!

In preparation for our pioneer lunch on Monday, heroes “gathered” food from the trail outside. Wild turkey, corn, wild strawberries, carrots, eggs, milk, cream…

“Being a pioneer is hardwork.” Turning cream into butter required lots of shaking and jumping up and down. The heroes initiated taking two trips around the Journey Path in order to take their minds off the rigor of shaking the jars constantly. After successfully creating whipped cream, the heroes continued to shake the jars, and to their delight, they suddenly had butter and buttermilk!! They rinsed the butter until the water ran clear, and then the butter was done! “This tastes just like butter!”

Have you ever thought about making your own brown sugar? White granulated sugar + molasses! The heroes mixed their own ratio creations, resulting in beautiful caramel-colored sugar. Mmmmm….It tastes divine!

Contraction grammar surgery! “Con-trac-tion. Con-trac-tion. Take two words; make them one. It’s called a con-trac-tion. Put a little hook in; can’t you see? It’s an apo-stro-phe.”

A few more inspirational stories from this week:

  • During Monday recess, one hero initiated a group game of Forever Tag, and shortly, as if like clockwork, 12 heroes joined in. This is one of many stories where young heroes lead others in everyday activities.
  • During the Town Hall Meeting, the ES heroes voted to change the Buddies schedule with the ELS in order to accommodate the ratio of ELS to ES in a more productive manner. Each ES hero will now have their own selected day per week to help with 2-3 buddies for 30 minutes. Heroes making positive changes in their environment!

Have you asked your hero:

  • How well are you keeping your fellow heroes accountable for following the Hero’s Contract and Rules of Engagement?
  • Portfolio Reviews are coming up next week. Are there any goals that you want to accomplish before you lead that meeting?
  • What artifact from the Ada Historical Museum fascinated you the most?
  • Would you have enjoyed living long ago in Ada? Why or why not?
  • Should deforestation happen in order to build houses?
  • Did you set any goals this week that you did not accomplish?
  • How do you play “Trash Can” with the digits 0-9 from an Uno deck? Can you teach me to play with replacement and without replacement?

See you next week! For any racers and/or spectators that will be at the GR Half & Full Marathon Sunday, have a great race!

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