EL Studio Week of Sep 30

All week the heroes created art that was inspired by other art.

On Monday they discussed The Sunflowers by Van Gogh and then draw a picture of their favorite thing.

On Tuesday they had a special visitor, a hero talk, that taught how to paint flowers in a whimsical way.

Thank you, Ms. Sarah, for inviting your friend Ms. Hope.


On Wednesday the heroes took a rainy but exciting walk downtown to see the art they had discussed.  One hero said he counted over 100 things of art.  The heroes had the most fun with the roof art by Heather Hart. Thank you to the moms that came along and braved the rain.

On Thursday the heroes worked on art inspired by The Scream, with creating a face showing a certain emotion, and adding colors that generally go with that color: blue-sad, red-angry, yellow-happy.

Thank you to all the parents that came to see the Art Gallary and viewing all the wonderful and creative art the heroes had worked so hard on for the last two weeks.

Today the heroes saw the Stary Night and created a sky scene that had a sunset, a sunrise, a storm or a sunny day.

Have a safe, relaxing and fun week break.






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