Celebrating Hard Work in ES!

Week 8: September 30 – October 4

Celebrating Hard Work in ES!

Wow, what a remarkable week! Playing the song “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang at the Badge Ceremony today was a perfect match. The heroes worked very hard these past 6 weeks! The Exhibition, Badge Ceremony, and Hero Buck Store all reflected their effort. Every week is filled with many reasons to celebrate, and this week was the cumulation of them all!

The heroes loved creating art this week!


Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh


Traveling downtown to see the Project 1 Art in person became a highlight of the week.

What a beautiful day to see Project 1 art!


After a discussion about the juxtaposition between the booming development downtown taking place amongst house displacement

The Voice Bridge engaged all the heroes with their own voices. When we spoke into the voice recorders, speakers played our messages all the way down the bridge. So cool!!

Heather Hart’s submerged rooftop was a thrilling platform to climb as we recall Hart’s purpose for her artwork.

Part of Kaleidoscopic by Amanda Browder


Project 1 – 4th Grade Art from GR Public Schools

Benches for viewing the art would have been well-received


Amidst all the artwork, the heroes dedicated grit during Core Skills to continue their work with math, reading, spelling, and grammar.

The heroes proofread Part 2 and 3 of the continued mystery.


Adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers became fun when we acted it out on a number line.

Thank you all for attending the Core Skill & Art Exhibition! We enjoyed celebrating all the accomplishments of every hero, and we look forward to our next quest after the break.


We welcomed in a studio pet, named SalAmanda, who came crawling up the JA sidewalk.


Fun Friday!


Have a fabulous Fall Break!

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