ES Inspired By Project 1 Art

Week 7: September 23 – 27

ES Inspired by Project 1 Art

This week at Journey, the heroes had a blast creating their own work inspired by Project 1 artists and world-famous artists. Lots of creativity flowed through the ES studio this week! Curious to see the finished products? Good news – You can! We will be showcasing the finished artwork at the Core Skills/Art Exhibition on Thursday, Oct 3!

We started the week by creating art inspired by the work of Project 1 artist Amanda Browder.


By using colored strips of fabric, Amanda Browder transforms ordinary buildings into colorful sculptures.


Heroes created the Grand Rapids Cityscape (2D and 3D buildings), inspired from the work of Olalekan Jeyifous.


Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Pop Art, the heroes created their own Pop Art!


The mystery returned! Heroes edited Part 2 of the mystery. They found 25 errors!


Monopoly builds skills including math and social! Buying properties and visiting the properties of others was a blast! The game continues through next week!


See you next week!

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