EL Studio Week of September 23

The heroes received their first Quest Badge for their frames on Monday for Entrepreneur.

This week the heroes have been discussing the different art from Project One downtown.  On Monday they discussed Amanda Hart’s cloth art over buildings and constructed a 2D or 3D picture out of colored strips of construction paper.  On Tuesday they saw other works by Amanda Browder and drew then constructed a picture out of patterned paper working as a team.  On Wednesday they saw Heather Hart’s roof art and constructed objects from craft sticks and toothpicks.  On Thursday the heroes saw Rafael Lozano Hemmer’s light bridge and created buildings with windows and cut out shapes so light could shine in and through. Today the heroes saw Olakean Jeyifous’ unique building and other unique buildings and constructed their own unique buildings out of different shapes boxes, paper towel rolls, paper cups and paper plates, working once more as a team


Thank you for all the donations of boxes, rolls, and other materials.

Ms Denice

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