ELS Studio Week of September 9

Heroes have continued to get prepared for the business fair, 7 days and counting.

This week they discussed supply and demand and played a game with beads.  They were provided with only one color and had to trade beads to gain the colors they wanted, then had to trade for the letters in their name,  last they were given sparkly beads that were too small and did not meet the demand for materials to create a bracelet.  They also discussed wants and needs with watching Madam Blueberry from Veggie Tales and drawing three things that are needed and three things that are wanted.  They discussed goods and services with a video and cutting and pasting pictures that showed goods and services.

For art, the heroes created line designs with swirls, crossed lines and shapes, using color and pattern.

Just a quick reminder to complete the application for the business fair and that heroes should be busy creating their products. The heroes that have food items may need to wait until closer to the fair.

  • Next week the heroes will need to bring a sample of their product on Thursday or Friday to do a mock presentation to prepare for the actual fair.


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