EL Studio Week of September 23

The heroes received their first Quest Badge for their frames on Monday for Entrepreneur.

This week the heroes have been discussing the different art from Project One downtown.  On Monday they discussed Amanda Hart’s cloth art over buildings and constructed a 2D or 3D picture out of colored strips of construction paper.  On Tuesday they saw other works by Amanda Browder and drew then constructed a picture out of patterned paper working as a team.  On Wednesday they saw Heather Hart’s roof art and constructed objects from craft sticks and toothpicks.  On Thursday the heroes saw Rafael Lozano Hemmer’s light bridge and created buildings with windows and cut out shapes so light could shine in and through. Today the heroes saw Olakean Jeyifous’ unique building and other unique buildings and constructed their own unique buildings out of different shapes boxes, paper towel rolls, paper cups and paper plates, working once more as a team


Thank you for all the donations of boxes, rolls, and other materials.

Ms Denice

ES Inspired By Project 1 Art

Week 7: September 23 – 27

ES Inspired by Project 1 Art

This week at Journey, the heroes had a blast creating their own work inspired by Project 1 artists and world-famous artists. Lots of creativity flowed through the ES studio this week! Curious to see the finished products? Good news – You can! We will be showcasing the finished artwork at the Core Skills/Art Exhibition on Thursday, Oct 3!

We started the week by creating art inspired by the work of Project 1 artist Amanda Browder.


By using colored strips of fabric, Amanda Browder transforms ordinary buildings into colorful sculptures.


Heroes created the Grand Rapids Cityscape (2D and 3D buildings), inspired from the work of Olalekan Jeyifous.


Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Pop Art, the heroes created their own Pop Art!


The mystery returned! Heroes edited Part 2 of the mystery. They found 25 errors!


Monopoly builds skills including math and social! Buying properties and visiting the properties of others was a blast! The game continues through next week!


See you next week!

ELS Studio Week of September 16

The business fair is here!  The heroes have been so excited.

This week in the studio the heroes have been working on the final preparations for the business fair.

They were able to watch other heroes on TV speaking about the business fair.

They worked on their posters for the fair and they had a practice time for running the booth.

By Friday the heroes felt they were ready for the fair.  See everyone there!!

ELS Studio Week of September 9

Heroes have continued to get prepared for the business fair, 7 days and counting.

This week they discussed supply and demand and played a game with beads.  They were provided with only one color and had to trade beads to gain the colors they wanted, then had to trade for the letters in their name,  last they were given sparkly beads that were too small and did not meet the demand for materials to create a bracelet.  They also discussed wants and needs with watching Madam Blueberry from Veggie Tales and drawing three things that are needed and three things that are wanted.  They discussed goods and services with a video and cutting and pasting pictures that showed goods and services.

For art, the heroes created line designs with swirls, crossed lines and shapes, using color and pattern.

Just a quick reminder to complete the application for the business fair and that heroes should be busy creating their products. The heroes that have food items may need to wait until closer to the fair.

  • Next week the heroes will need to bring a sample of their product on Thursday or Friday to do a mock presentation to prepare for the actual fair.


ES Entrepreneurs in the Making – September 9-13

Week 5: September 9 – 13

Entrepreneurs in the Making

Preparing for the Children’s Business Fair! Flyers, logos, slogans, and business cards!

Math Workshop Games – Adding up coins & trading into the bank, fractions, “making 10” flash cards


Hero Talk! Mike Still, Founder and President of Backyard Marketing came to the ES studio. Thank you, Mr. Still, for sharing your Hero’s Journey with us and how to trust in the Lord and take steps of faith as an entrepreneur.

Fun Friday! We all made wire necklaces or bracelets with Miss Cheryl’s beads!

The Children’s Business Fair is coming soon! Saturday, Sept 21 from 10am-12noon with the Award Ceremony at 12:15pm. Located at The Community Church 7239 Thornapple River Dr. SE, Ada, MI 49301.

Have you asked your hero:

  • What goals did you set for yourself this week in Core Skills?
  • Were there any distractions this week that prevented you from achieving your goals?
  • How many products do you need to sell at the business fair to break even?
  • Are you practicing to make change with your customers?
  • How are you going to promote/advertise your business?
  • How will you display your products at the business fair?
  • How are you going to make a positive impression with your customers at the business fair?

See you next week!

ElS Studio September 3-6

The heroes have been working on preparing for the fair.

They shared their ideas for the fair.  The ideas were so wonderful and most heroes already knew exactly what they planned on producing.  The heroes saw a video of last year’s fair and discussed what they saw, including what the booths looked like and how the other heroes sold their products.

The heroes thought about the materials they would need and the sequence of how they could make their product, including drawing out that sequence: first, next, then, last.

   The heroes also played a game about logos and drew their own logos for their ideas.  

  Today the heroes practiced with coins and buying items.  They also used their hero’s bucks to buy things they could take home.  An idea would be to let your hero buy something at a store and help them count the coins.  The heroes are going to practice again next week. 

Start of Entrepreneurship Quest for ES

Week 4: September 3 – 6

Entrepreneurship Quest

The Entrepreneurship Quest is off to a great start! The ES studio is flowing with discussions and excitement about profits, costs, logos, slogans, audience, and customer service. The heroes have applied for the Children’s Business Fair, and they are working on their company formation. Next week, we will begin working on marketing techniques. The heroes are looking forward to the Grand Opening on September 21st!

As the heroes work hard creating their own businesses, we enjoyed visiting businesses at the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market and the Downtown Market.

Field trip to Downtown Market!


A potter talked to the heroes about the style of pottery she makes. Maddy learned that she can sell her pottery at the Business Fair for higher prices!

Tasting a “ground cherry”! It’s in the tomatillo family! Cool Beans Farm definitely won high points for great customer service and display!

The Heroes (AKA Secret Shoppers) awarded Downtown Market companies with awards for best customer service, best lunch prices, best display, easiest-to-read signs, and most attractive booth.

Enjoying lunch together in the Downtown Market!


Mmmm…Love’s ice cream!


At Field and Fire, the heroes learned about great display techniques. For example, moving the bread up to eye level and using lights on the products help to draw the customers in.


Our first Hero Talk! Mr. Daryn Kuipers came from Boxed Water Is Better. Thanks, Mr. Kuipers!


Counting coins up to $1.30 on the 100s Chart Hotel


Diving deep into Core Skills and Deep Books!

Have you asked your hero:

  • What does it look like to choose humility over the best place at the table? (Luke 14:7-11 Parable of the Wedding Feast)
  • What goals did you set for yourself during Core Skills?
  • What did you fail at this week?
  • Where there any distractions that got in the way of accomplishing your goals this week?
  • How are you going to practice great customer service at the Children’s Business Fair?
  • How did Mr. Kuipers inspire you during his Hero Talk?
  • Which company at the Downtown Market did you award with the “Best Display”?
  • Which company at the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market had the best customer service?

See you next week!