First Three Days in EL Studio

   The heroes have started their adventure in the first three days at EL studio. Thank you for the kindness that has showered over us as guides.  We count it a great privilege to be entrusted with your hero.  During the first days, the heroes have been experimenting with Montessori materials and beginning their core skills.

    They discussed the Hero’s Journey, how there is a call to action, accepting the challenge, facing their fears, and finding a treasure at the end.  The heroes drew a picture of that journey and these will be used to make a poster about the journey.  

   Wednesday they helped create the Journey Academy poster with their handprints,  and Thursday they painted a rock to add to Journey’s collection.  Look for both of these in the entrance and lobby.

    Friday the heroes took a stroll of discovery along the path around the Academy.  They spotted bones, fuzzy leaves, milkweed, and cactus. After the stroll, the heroes created a story about the things they saw and then drew pictures that matched the story. (These are the photos that were shared on Instagram)

  The heroes also played some games, including running to the side that matched their favorite things.  They also had a buddy day with the ES studio where they worshiped together and worked together during core skills.

   Next week on Monday the heroes will begin their discussion about the Hero’s Contract for the studio, and on Wednesday there will be a special ceremony to sign the contract,  it would be great for the heroes to be dressed up for that special day. 

Ms Denice


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