ELS Studio: Tribe Building

The heroes had a busy first full week.  They discussed what a tribe or team is, and what a tribe or team looks like. They also began making a list of what they thought was important for the Hero’s Contract.

As a part of their team building, they worked as partners to make drawings to figure out how to get all the heroes into the jump rope circle, then tried their ideas to see how they worked.

The heroes also worked as partners to create a mascot and a logo for their teams.

Wednesday was a very special day with the signing of the Heroes’ Contract.

The week ended with some Water Fun (see the Instagram pictures).

Hope all the heroes and families have an enjoyable Labor Day weekend.

Ms. Denice


The Tribe is Growing Stronger

Week 2: August 26 – 30

Tribe Building Continues


The heroes demonstrated perseverance during the Spider’s Web Team Challenge. Using each hole only once added to the difficulty of this task. Vienna sacrificed her own comfort to be the first to get through the hole every time the heroes had to start over. The heroes trusted one another as they were lifted off the ground and passed through the web. Touching the strings of the web required a start over every time until “a wonderful thing just happened!”

“We are going for challenges here. No comfort zones. [The Spider Web Challenge] helped people to trust one another.” – Clara

“[The heroes] built my trust back up by getting me through the web three more times.” – Ellery


Personal Inventory for Love Languages and Personality Quiz


Cup Tower Team Challenge


Alligator Crossing Challenge – Oh, no! The board is not long enough and the platforms keep getting smaller!


The Lord will watch over ______’s coming and going both now and forevermore.” (Psalm 121:8) My skin tone is close to the color of _____. “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (Psalm 139:14)

The heroes have now signed their Hero’s Contract, Rules of Engagement, Chromebook Covenant, and Studio Etiquette. Copies of these contracts can be found in the Google Drive Family Folder under ES. Check them out!

Other things we experienced this week include:

  • Polar Bear & Fish dice game
  • Role Play Conflict Resolution
  • Starting Silent Core Skills and Collaborative Core Skills
  • Setting Individual Hero Badge Plan
  • Water Day games!!

Special Days coming up:

  • Sept 9 Disney Day
  • Sept 17 Survival Day (AM)
  • Sept 21 Children’s Business Fair

Have you asked your hero:

  • What have you done this week to fill someone else’s “cup”? (Faith inspiring action from James 2:14)
  • In what ways does your family fill your trust jar?
  • What goals did you set for Core Skills this week?
  • How did you encourage others this week? (1 Thess. 5:11)
  • What are your top two love languages?
  • What was the most challenging aspect about the Spider’s Web Team Challenge?
  • How did God speak to you during “You and God Time”?
  • What business idea do you have for next week’s Entrepreneurship Quest? What are the supplies you will need?

See you next week!

P.S. The heroes can bring in the 3-ring binder and pocket folder for the Entrepreneurship Quest by the due date on Wednesday, Sept. 4. Looking forward to this quest!

First Three Days in EL Studio

   The heroes have started their adventure in the first three days at EL studio. Thank you for the kindness that has showered over us as guides.  We count it a great privilege to be entrusted with your hero.  During the first days, the heroes have been experimenting with Montessori materials and beginning their core skills.

    They discussed the Hero’s Journey, how there is a call to action, accepting the challenge, facing their fears, and finding a treasure at the end.  The heroes drew a picture of that journey and these will be used to make a poster about the journey.  

   Wednesday they helped create the Journey Academy poster with their handprints,  and Thursday they painted a rock to add to Journey’s collection.  Look for both of these in the entrance and lobby.

    Friday the heroes took a stroll of discovery along the path around the Academy.  They spotted bones, fuzzy leaves, milkweed, and cactus. After the stroll, the heroes created a story about the things they saw and then drew pictures that matched the story. (These are the photos that were shared on Instagram)

  The heroes also played some games, including running to the side that matched their favorite things.  They also had a buddy day with the ES studio where they worshiped together and worked together during core skills.

   Next week on Monday the heroes will begin their discussion about the Hero’s Contract for the studio, and on Wednesday there will be a special ceremony to sign the contract,  it would be great for the heroes to be dressed up for that special day. 

Ms Denice


The Grand Opening is This Saturday! ES Sept 16-20

Week 6: September 16 – 20

Children’s Business Fair Preparations for the Grand Opening

The Children’s Business Fair is Saturday!!  We are all very excited! The heroes have been working to prepare for their Grand Opening! Here are the final elements that the heroes focused on this week:

  • Advertising techniques (including flyers and posters)
  • Pricing and price signs
  • Table displays

The Heroes practiced making change with customers.

What mental math strategies can you use to make change?


On Survival Day (Wednesday), some wild animals came to spend the day with us.


The heroes have been working very hard on their 5 paragraph essays. Research, draft 1, proofreading checklist, and draft 2 are writing steps we have been working on.


A mystery has appeared in the ES studio! This week, heroes found all 24 errors in Part 1 of the mystery (with some hints). Collaborative proofreading!


Hero Entrepreneurs were on the news and radio! We were thrilled to support Evi, Reaghan, Elias, Emmry, Jaina, Clara, and Simon as they shared about their businesses on the news or radio.

Chick-Fil-A shared with us about how customer service is a major “why” behind their company. They demonstrated excellent customer service while we visited. At the end, we all agreed that when our needs were met in the kindest way, this great care made us want to return again. Thanks, Chick-Fil-A!


Have you asked your hero:

  • Would you rather have wisdom and understanding or wealth?
  • What are some specific examples of great customer service that you experienced at Chick-Fil-A?
  • Is it more important to start with the goal in mind or to make every day an adventure?
  • What mental math strategies can you use to make change at the CBF?
  • Do you have a list of the supplies that you need to bring to the CBF?
  • How are you going to set up your display at the CBF?
  • What emotions are you feeling about the CBF?
  • Selling begins at 10am Saturday. How much time do you need to set up your table at the business fair?

See you tomorrow at the Children’s Business Fair!

Amazing First Week of School at Journey Academy!

Week 1: Aug 21 – 23

Tribe Building

What a fabulous first week this has been at Journey Academy! I am excited to share some of the many highlights with you from the ES studio!

First and foremost, thank you very much for sharing your heroes with us here at Journey Academy! Thank you also for your amazing support, smiles, and prayers!

The first three days of school the heroes worked through Team Building activities that grew their communication, strengthened their leadership, and challenged their problem solving. I was blown away by their grit, determination, and team work!

The Journey Hero rock jar has grown! Next time you stop into Journey, check out the new painted rocks and our hand print banner! Thank you, Miss Sarah, for setting up these creative art projects!

Have you ever considered the possibility of getting toothpaste back into the tube after it has been squirted out? How hard would you work on this challenge? The Heroes’ determination and problem solving was impressive. Similarly to the toothpaste, once the words we say come out of our mouths, it is impossible to take them all back. That’s why it’s important to think before we speak.







Working on math with our buddies in ELS!

Blind LEGO Build! Communicating how to build a LEGO structure to a partner can be quite a challenge!

Discussing and voting on our Rules of Engagement!

Time for Millennium Park! 

“Best day ever!” – Maddy G.

Toxic River Challenge! With only 3 pairs of magic boots, can we get our whole group to safety?

Minefield! Can we trust our fellow heroes to get us through the minefield safely?

No arms or hands! Can we gather all the balls around the field and get them into the buckets? Uh, oh…one of our teammates cannot see!

What a great bonding day at Millennium Park!

This week, the heroes also experienced:

  • Flip the Rug Over Challenge
  • Old vs. New Pencil, Cookie, and Bowl skit about respecting others
  • You and God Time with our new devotional journals
  • The Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, and Beaver personality quiz
  • Friday Worship Session & ELS Buddies

Have you asked your hero:

  • What team building challenge was the most difficult for you?
  • When did you feel your leadership shined the most this week?
  • What would you have done differently in the LEGO blind partner build activity?
  • What Town Hall topics would you like to present to the group for discussion next week?

Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you next week!

Week 16 (2017) – Molecule Building, Accountability, and Ethics Copy

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through our 4th session already!! The new rhythm of goal-setting (with the “Focus Table” and regular check-ins) has helped our heroes hold each other to even higher standards of excellence within the studio. Today, I overheard a pair of our heroes checking in with each other, and one asked the other, “Don’t you want to meet your goal?” This was so encouraging to me! Not only are the heroes learning the importance of goal-setting, but they are also learning to support each other!!
In addition to learning how to support one another, we talked a lot about being resourceful this week. I have always encouraged the heroes to try doing things on their own, but this week, I encouraged them to ask each other more questions! Part of learning is often knowing how to use written resources, asking a friend to help, or getting support from a Guide (when you don’t know what to do or where to look). There is a difference between wanting someone to give you answers and seeking support!
Learning to support one another is a skill that our heroes will use for life! During project time this week, our heroes got to support each other while working both independently and in groups. While learning about DNA in forensics, our heroes designed their own models, showing how each person is unique. This was a challenging task, but by working together, everyone was able able learn the information needed, and then independently build a molecule. By the end of the day today, each hero agreed that this process was the highlight of the week! 🙂
Interesting Discussion Topics this week included:
  • What can you do to spread goodness? How can you “Pay it Forward”?
  • How can we pray for our country this week? How can we pray for our studio? How can we support each other’s needs?
  • If you set a goal to read 100 pages of a GREAT book and you read 99 pages, should you still reward yourself for your hard work?
  • When setting a goal, is it most helpful for you to have a running buddy to keep you accountable, meet with a guide to plan out your steps, or sit at the “Focus Table” where you won’t be distracted?
  • What can you do to help the other heroes in our studio meet their goals? If someone is struggling to meet a goal, is it most helpful to check-in with that person, work to keep the studio calm and focused, or encourage the hero with words?
  • As a detective, would you rather collect DNA evidence or have an eyewitness testimony?
  • Should a person spend the rest of his/her life in jail for committing a crime? What if the crime was something really serious, like murder? Does forgiving a person mean giving them a second chance?
**A challenge that has been on my heart this session is to encourage the heroes in their faith with every opportunity that we have! Today, we spent some time praying for our nation and leaders, worshiping through song, and listening to the Bible on audio. Our heroes all participated and had so much input as we prayed and discussed these matters!