“One fails forward towards success.” – C.S. Lewis

In these last three weeks of the Life Skills Quest, it was incredible to witness these heroes push themselves, overcome obstacles, and learn new skills listed below:

  • Learning and creating “how to” videos for how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the Heimlich Maneuver, how to use a fire extinguisher using the acronym P.A.S.S., and how to stay safe in case of a fire emergency.
  • Sewing on a button and using a sewing machine (thanks to Project 1).
  • Proper etiquette and common courtesy.
  • Organizational skills for their Google Documents and Google Drive.
  • Prepping and preparing a crock pot recipe.
  • Building (painting and staining)
  • Making a tie blanket and/or painting a birdhouse.
  • Baking a recipe (including making a shopping list for ingredients, shopping for those ingredients, and baking it).

This year sure has been full of beautiful memories and celebrations! The heroes have stepped into the role of an entrepreneur, politician, game maker, coder, and architect. Each hero, in differing ways, have experienced failures, successes, and have often pointed out that their greatest failures have pointed them to their greatest achievements. May the heroes always remember the importance of a growth mindset. C.S. Lewis states it well, “Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward towards success”

Although it is hard to see another year come to an end, the last day was filled with great joy and laughter. Check out some pictures from the last exhibition and the last day.

These bakers are ready to shop for their ingredients!

The baking is finished. Nice work!

These heroes are welcoming family and friends at the final exhibition. We are so happy that you could all come.

Sometimes you have to improvise and come up with a Plan B.

Showing their “how to” videos from week one of the Life Skills Quest.

Seeing more “how to” videos.

Now it is time to taste test!

Celebrating a birthday on the last day of school. Thanks for the donuts. 🙂

It’s the M&M Relay.

Have you asked your hero:

  1. What their most challenging quest of the year was? Why?
  2. What their favorite quest of the year was? Why?
  3. What their greatest accomplishment was this year? Why?
  4. What their favorite field trip was this year? Why?
  5. What they look forward to doing this summer?




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