Consider others better than yourself

This week the heroes learned life skills that would enable them to care for others. After learning about the five food groups, they were ready to make their own lunches with PB&J sandwiches. The next day, many heroes said they packed their own lunches and did not need mom or dad to make their PB&J sandwiches for them. They also had a blast trying different fruit smoothies recipes that they created together on their own. But when they finished all the fruits, they were content with making the last batch of a mix of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream shake. One of the heroes was so proud to share his special blueberry muffin recipe and brought all the ingredients for his friends to help him bake at school. The heroes also felt very confident when they tried sewing by hand and a sewing machine. One hero even patched up a hole she found on Ms. Elsie’s cardigan! Learning these life skills increased each hero’s confidence in his/her abilities. Many heroes proudly shared with their families all that they were able to do on their own. They were even more eager to be able to do things for others and not just for themselves.

Week 2: June 10-14. 2019

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Launch For your Hero’s Journey, when looking to the end, which could be decades down the line, in a few years, in a few weeks, or even in a matter of days, is it most important to be happy, to be satisfied or to be fulfilled? Which of these will be the most important question for you at the end of the journey? Why? Did I contribute something meaningful? Was I a good person?  Who did I love, and who loved me? What’s most important as a Hero: Your goals;

Who do you choose as fellow travelers?

What’s the hardest part of a Hero’s Journey: Taking the first step; Persevering after a failure? Is it more important to:

Begin with the end in mind; Make every day an adventure?

Project time Nutrition

Make their own lunch

Making a PBJ sandwich

Mix, stir, cut with a dull knife

Fruit smoothie

Make a grocery list

Put groceries away

Arrange refrigerator and pantry


Prepare a simple recipe

Entertaining self while waiting – car ride, waiting room, waiting in line

Caring for the sick

First aid basics


Bike day
Close Town Hall Meeting Would you rather: Be the “real” you, but everyone dislikes you; or Be a “fake” version of yourself, but everyone loves you? What’s your top priority right now: Preparing for your next adventure, Relationship (yourself, parent, friend, Hobby (film, basketball, rowing), Something else? Why? Have you found the process of thinking about your next adventure…: Stressful; Liberating? Why? What do you find most difficult about identifying your next adventure; Identifying what you really want; Fear of failure; Appeasing your friends and family; Something else?

Upcoming Week 3: June 17-21, 2019

Week 3

Caring for the Environment

Setting the table

Washing dishes

Taking out the trash

Organizing shelves

Keeping the bathroom clean


Wet mopping

Dust mopping

Watering plants

Outdoor sweeping


Exhibition Quest Reflections Last Day of School

Carnival celebration


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