Learning that Leads to Action

The heroes jumped right into action as they began their final quest of the year, the Life Skills Quest. They immediately applied what they learned when they got home and tied their own shoelaces without Mom or Dad’s help. They really worked hard at remembering their addresses and phone numbers when they practiced making emergency phone calls. They had fun playing a dress-up relay game even in their struggles with lining up buttons on a shirt and tying shoelaces. They even helped sort the “laundry” and folded them afterward. And they really valued the importance of learning safety habits and self-defense skills. Learning to care for themselves and do things independently empowered the heroes, giving them even more confidence to learn new life skills next week that would enable them to care for others.

Week 1: June 3-7. 2019

Launch Who has a goal for learning to learn, do, or be that you would like to get started on for this session? And what tool will you use to achieve that goal? When you reflect on your incredible progress this year, which was the most important factor in helping you achieve your goals: setting SMART goals every day? Or was it support from the friends? What is most important for your learning?

Learning to Learn with Core Skills, Learning to Do with Quests, or Learning to Be through developing the character traits? Why?

What are some ways you can improve on your goals? Is it making it more specific? Measurable? Attainable? Relevant? Time-bound? Enjoyable? Rewarding? What is the hardest thing about making excellent SMARTER Goal?
Relaunch What skills are important to learn in life? Why? Name a good habit that helped you in life. How will you help your family create an emergency plan? ES Buddies What is your favorite food group? What do you believe is the most important food group?
Project time

Caring you yourself

Dressing with buttons, snaps, hook and eye, zipper, buckle, bow, lacing, safety pins Etiquette and good manners

Choosing own clothes to wear

Dress and undress self

Laundry – putting clothes away, folding clothes

Know your address and phone number

Know how to make emergency calls

Team building skills

Skittles game

ABCs of Self-Defense

Avoid danger

Breathe and be calm

Communicate with confidence

Close Town hall meeting What is the biggest challenge you have faced at school? Which challenges are the most important for your growth this year? What part of your year are you most satisfied with? What part would you like to change?

Would you challenge yourself more or less?

Is it better to live life as: A steady challenge, where you plug away consistently at important projects?

Life in sprints, where you give everything you have for a project for a few weeks, then you take a vacation?

Upcoming Week 2: June 10-14. 2019

Project time

Caring for others

Caring for the sick

First aid basics – choking, bandaids

Make a grocery list

Put groceries away

Arrange refrigerator and pantry

Setting the table

Cooking a simple recipe

Pour drinks into a cup


Make their own lunch

Making a sandwich and toast

Mix, stir, cut with a dull knife

Entertaining self while waiting – car ride, waiting room, waiting in line

Bike day


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