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Have you ever seen a group of five to eight-year-olds walking down the street super excited to point out the unique designs of buildings, identifying shapes in the designs, or analyzing the structure of a bridge? You would have if you were in Canal Park today where the heroes caught sight of structures that they have been exploring during their Architecture Quest, like skyscrapers, bridges, and domes. The heroes also had lots of fun playing at the playground surrounded by so many unique architectural structures in Grand Rapids.

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Launch Getting to know Charlie Brick who found herself in Architecture

By Joshua David Stein

Do you agree with Brick’s mom when she said, “All great things start small?” Why or why not?

Getting to know Jack What do you do when something out of your control changes your vision of the end goal? Do you stop trying and set new goals, or do you adjust your plans and keep going towards the original end goal? The world is not a rectangle

By Jeanette Winter

Would you do what Zaha Hadid did with her designs? Would you stick with your design ideas even when builders refuse to build for you?

Relaunch If you were an architect, would you look to the future and try to create something new, or would you look to the past for inspiration? Hero talk

Mr. Simon

Think of a time when things did not go your way. Did you try new strategies or started over fresh with a new idea? Think about other times in your life that you’ve had to change your vision of the end goal (badge requirements changing, for example, or Writers’ Workshop requirements changing, or a product or creation being destroyed or changed). What positive results came from those experiences? Field trip:

Architectural walking tour

Close Town hall meeting How did a mistake improve your work? How did you put in the effort to achieve a result you are proud of? Think of a time you were stuck. What other ways did you try? How did the field trip help you make your design better?


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