Overcoming Challenges with Confidence

The heroes have been evaluating their work and effort as they arrive at the final two weeks in their Architecture Quest. They recognized the challenges they have to overcome in order to achieve their goals to do excellent work. Many heroes shared about their plans to improve their work and processes. Some heroes admitted their need to focus and avoid distractions in order to demonstrate excellent work.  When heroes shared about some challenges they were facing during their quest, other heroes showed eagerness to give some suggestions and offer a helping hand. Other heroes were grateful for the ideas and help they received from friends’ feedback on their projects. When some heroes expressed their need for materials, other heroes brought materials from home to share with everyone. Even when faced with the challenge of building their very own playhouse using wood scraps, the heroes did not back down and went right to work. There was no challenge that was too big for the heroes because together they had strength, determination, and confidence.

Happy Mother’s Day to our Super Moms!

My Mom’s Superpower is …

Lola … working power because she likes to work.
Stella …. getting me food every day.
Ella … being nice to others.
Nora … loving her children.
Camden … being nice to people.
Carter … working power.
Remmi … being nice.
Amelia … working out.
Myla … when she snuggles me she makes me fall asleep.
Ellery … being kind.
Simon … being fun.
Jack … snuggling with me.
Reaghan … taking me to my favorite places.
Henry … worshipping God.
Eloise … being special to me

ELS Video for Moms link

Architecture Quest

Week 5

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Launch What habits help you make good choices? Think of a time you worked very hard to do your best. How did you achieve excellence? How do you help a friend who feels left out or sad? What ways do you make the best of things when they do not go as you planned or hoped for? How do you learn from your Mom’s Hero’s Journey?
Relaunch Are you happy with your effort so far? Do you feel on track? If you feel on track, what advice do you have for your fellow travelers? If you do not feel on track, what questions would you like to ask your fellow travelers to get the support you need? What will you do today to improve your process to demonstrate excellent work? Share a problem you have faced during this quest. How can we reframe this problem by asking “What if you do this…?” Is it more challenging to solve a problem when you see it as a roadblock, or is it more challenging to reframe a problem as a chance for opportunities? Is it more challenging to be negative, or positive? Are problems discovered or created?
Close Town Hall meeting What advice would you have for other heroes to help them achieve excellence? What problems did you face today that you reframed into opportunities? How do you react to your masterpiece never being fully built? What do you do when something out of your control changes your vision of the end goal?

Upcoming Week 6

Box cities Toothpick structures City block painting Cardboard houses Field trip:

Architectural walking tour


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