We’re a team!

An architect shared how important collaboration is in this field. This week, the ES heroes have focused on drawing up their future Journey Academy blueprints. They have listened to their clients, figured out how to calculate square footage, and most importantly, put into practice being a team. Today a few heroes had yet to complete their blueprint and their teammates came alongside to support them so they would achieve this milestone. Great teamwork, heroes!

Have you asked your hero:

  1. What they did with their ELS buddy?
  2. What they wrote during Writer’s Workshop this week?
  3. What our relaunch was about today?
  4. What they completed during project time this week?
  5. How they felt their Portfolio Review went?
  6. What tomorrow is for all those that signed up? Hint – The 5K!

Working as a team during the Architecture Quest!

Creating our blueprints!

Meeting as a team to set “stuffed pepper” goals.

Blueprints, designs, and plans – Oh my!

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