Building Bridges: Connecting Heroes’ Dreams to Reality

The heroes have been busy building bridges all week. Researching the coolest and most amazing bridges all around the world inspired the heroes to design bridges based on their own interest and purpose. One hero learned about a crab bridge in Sydney and decided to build a bridge for other animals. Another hero was challenged by moving bridges so he constructed a bridge that extends to double its length! Many other heroes had a blast constructing bridges that reflect their own personalities.

Not only did the heroes build bridges for their Architecture Quest, but they have also been building bridges by extending helping hands to other friends, by offering to read a book together, showing how to write numbers on their scrolls, giving feedback to improve a friend’s writing piece during writer’s workshop, or sharing their materials to build their cities.

The heroes also built bridges connecting school and home through their Portfolio Reviews. They shared with families their goals, challenges, and accomplishments. Through all their effort and hard work, the heroes are constructing bridges that connect their dreams to reality.

Architecture Quest

Week 3

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Launch What do say to someone who is using unkind words? What do you do when you see someone sitting all alone during lunch? What helps you to never give up? Would you still play in a team sport even when you believe that your team will most likely not win against the other team?
Relaunch Would you rather live in a busy city in a skyscraper, or out in the country with a lot of lands to care for? Why? Why do you think humans live so close together? Is it because we feel safe when we’re close together because it’s convenient, or something else? Are you designing a bridge that is more focused on what you like, or what you imagine people would like? What part of the process of designing and building a structure are you most curious about? What will you do to maintain your curiosity?
Project time Bridge Challenge Beam bridge Suspension bridge Draw bridge Arch bridge
Close Town hall meeting

Excellence committee

How did your own preferences affect your designs today? What good came out of working with someone else today? What risks did you take today? What do you wish you had done differently, and what are you proud of?

Week 4

Dome Challenge Strongest dome Colorful row houses Design a museum Geodesic dome


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