What’s the Cost?

At Journey, real world connections and experiences are crucial.  Too many young adults feel ill equipped for the new chapter of being an adult because they didn’t learn the structure and systems of budgets, taxes, apartment hunting, or other key skills needed after graduation.

During this quest, there are so many experiences tied to architecture and construction.  Heroes are in the stages of prepping for building permits.  There’s an application process, accountability for approval, and implications if building permits are lost or not accessible for inspectors.  With critical documents, there is a tedious process to endure replacing those papers.  MHS has had a taste of this experience.  With missing documents, work had to be paused, searches ensued, and the process of reapplication (with fees) began.  These lessons are hard to walk through, but teach heroes responsibility or accountability.  As the situation progressed, the MHS leader valiantly and humbly chose to replace the permits at cost to themselves.  Part of owning a company or firm is taking responsibility for your team.

Blueprints have been a battle of perseverance, but with collaboration and a sprinkle or grit, MHS is moving on towards Phase 2: Building the Dream.


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