Would you take the blame?

During project time this week, the ES and MHS heroes researched about a building in Las Vegas that had to be torn down. There were 5 different articles about who was to blame. The heroes drew from a hat to learn what “role” they had in the building process of that Las Vegas building and had to present their argument to prove their innocence in the process. This placed the heroes right into the story, and wow did it get interesting!

Two heroes who were the CEOs of the construction company came to me and said, “Miss Amy, after reading the articles, I think we are guilty. What should we do?” Deciding they would want to admit their mistakes more questions were asked of them. Those questions opened their eyes to what could potentially happen to them, their families, their company, and their employees.

Upon realizing the detriment of what pleading guilty could do the oldest hero, without skipping a beat, he looked at his partner and said, “I’m going to throw him under the bus.” That hero quickly looked back and replied, “Well then, I am going to throw you under the bus!” How quickly they turned on each other.

During our debrief that day, their story was shared as an example of what temptations can arise when mistakes are made by companies and partnerships. If you believe you are at fault, “Would you take the blame?” One hero said, “I tried to pay off the judge (which was one of the roles during project time), but the judge didn’t take my bribe.”

As the heroes continued to discuss the thought of making sinful choices, shared what we – as disciples of God – should do no matter how hard it might be. One commented, “We need to own our mistakes no matter how hard the consequences could be.” Another stated, “Think about it… Let’s just say you get away with it… So now you are living with that guilt for the rest of your life. That’s not the kind of life I want to live.” When tempted with sin, these heroes said they would rather admit their wrongdoing and learn from the experience. What a great example of humility and a desire to have a growth mindset.

Have you asked your hero:

  1. What they are working on right now for the Architecture Quest?
  2. Who their new ELS buddy is?
  3. What the discovered on their field trip today?
  4. What the word, “Hosanna” means?
  5. What was Jesus saying without saying it when he road a colt to the temple?
  6. When Portfolio Reviews are?
  7. Who their Principal Architect is?

We had a great time visiting with our buddies this morning and going to Steelcase for our field trip.

Another big hit for future discussions in the future JA school.

This table is one giant stack of sticky notes. How about this table for Character Callouts?

Building during buddy time.

This was a big hit for the heroes. You could draw on this screen.

“We both fit!”

Check out their tall tower!

This structure is being held up by four posts.

Figuring out how this Steelcase chair was made.

Buddies hard at work building.

These heroes love this Steelcase couch.

These heroes like this table for discussion time.



The ES heroes with Andy Warhol art covering the wall behind us.

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