Building Far More Than a School

One unique quality about Journey Academy is the focus on many layers of learning.  Heroes learn about concepts, learn how to do various callings such as designing their dream school, and learning how to be.  As heroes are starting to sketch their blueprints, this quest is helping build their character.

Today is Fun Friday.  Heroes who have kept their focus, thoroughly completed their challenges, and met their goals participate in an activity or reward that they choose.  Celebrating perseverance and choosing excellence is a wonderful thing, though, some heroes chose a greater reward today, to serve and assist their architecture firms.  Seeing a hero joyfully and humbly choose service over themselves reiterates why we all believe so strongly in this model of learning. A learner-driven environment allows them to choose for themselves who they want to become and what a beautiful moment it is to see the growth and step into helping others towards success.

There have been so many of these moments of leadership and character development through the week.  The quest may be about architecture, though the fruit so far is building a thriving community of service, leadership, and excellence.

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