Your Sibling Did What?!

This short week has been packed full of challenging fun.  Heroes have set new stretch goals, began researching architecture styles and heroes, hosted their siblings, and used their creativity to rearrange the studio.
For sibling day, MHS hosted 4 siblings!  Each sister got their own set of challenges and earned hero bucks for each completed task.  For a culmination, our guest heroes were able to use their hero bucks at the hero store to celebrate their hard work.
The MHS studio is looking forward to this coming week where they will be learning about scale, sketching blueprints, and elevation sketches.

The following is a brief outline of the exciting experiences that the MHS heroes will embark on in mastering the field of architecture.

Week 1

Explore various architecture styles and learn about key heroes within their favorite styles.

Week 2

Heroes will utilize their knowledge on measurement and scale to create blueprints.

Week 3

This week, MHS will create elevation sketches and serve as principal architects for their architecture teams.

Week 4

Upon approval for their building permit, heroes will begin constructing Phase one of their dream Journey Academy with their architecture engineering program.

Week 5

Heroes will focus on detail, flow, and landscaping within their builds.

Week 6

MHS will create and practice their marketing pitches for online tours of their proposed design.

Week 7

It’s time for the exhibition.  Hero architects will be revealing their schools from blueprints to actual virtual tours of their schools.

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