Architects of their Destinies

The heroes started their Architecture Quest with passion and confidence that they will become excellent architects in this quest. Every morning they have been considering what it takes to become excellent. They pondered the possibilities of a hero being born excellent or becoming excellent through hard work. Many heroes pointed out the need to work hard to do excellent work and become excellent at what they do. But one hero convinced some heroes that “we are all born excellent because God made all of us excellent and we would not even be able to do excellent work if God did not create us but He did!”

Their quest for excellence in Architecture has begun as the heroes research, design, and construct amazing buildings and structures. They discussed the importance of each step in the process and what would happen if they skip some steps. They imagined various scenarios and thought about what would happen if an architect decided to construct a building without researching and designing. Similarly, they described what would happen if an architect only researches and design but never constructs anything. They all agreed that they would need to do research, designing, and then construct to become excellent architects.

As architects, the heroes will be creating their own miniature cities throughout their Architecture quest. They have been inspired by the work of famous architects this week, but their favorite fictional architect is Iggy Peck because of the various materials he uses like pancakes, fruits, and even diapers! The heroes are starting to visualize their city made of materials they see around the house. They would like to ask their families to save cardboard tubes, cereal boxes, cans, and any plastic containers or cardboard containers that they may transform into buildings for their cities.

ELS Architecture Quest

Weekly Challenges

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1


Geometric shapes

Architecture shape collage


Which shape is more stable, a triangle or a square?

Shapes lab
Week 2


Skyscraper Challenge Columns

Can a toilet-paper tube support your weight?

Milk carton houses/

box water

Newspaper tower Design a skyscraper
Week 3


Bridge Challenge Paper bridge Mondrian-inspired abstract art Suspension bridge Design a bridge
Week 4


Dome Challenge Geodesic dome Ancient Greek architecture Design a museum Structures
Week 5


Tunnel Challenge Meeting in the middle City block painting Build a toothpick structure Build a cardboard house
Week 6

Box city

Dam Challenge Under pressure Colorful row houses Make a sandcastle Forces lab
Week 7


Sensory aspects of your studio Building types Recipe for a city –

pt 1

Recipe for a city –

pt 2

Recipe for a city –

pt 3

Week 1: April 10-12, 2019

Wednesday Thursday Friday

Sibling day

Launch Do you think it’s more important for a hero to have persistence (focus on the goal), or resilience (getting back up after being knocked down)? Is excellence something you do, or something you are? Character Call outs for siblings
Relaunch Many architects feel that architecture is the perfect blend of creativity and technicality. Which do you think plays the biggest role in deciding if an architect will be successful? Which will be most challenging for you to master? Is it more important for a building to be functional and efficient or to be beautiful and visually appealing? Do buildings affect how you feel? How does our JA academy building make you feel? How does your home make you feel? Can you remember a time when a building made you feel sad or uncomfortable?
Close Character callouts for Claire Siblings day planning How would you make the Architecture quest excellent?


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