MHS Newsletter Issue 7 Dec 9 – 14,2018

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The mhs press

On Thursday, the heroes worked super hard to clean up the huts for a winter break clean! The heroes took all the sheets home to wash and gave the room a deep clean. The tables are back in their places and ready for the sheets to go up again in a couple of weeks! There were a few small renovations.

The heroes were super excited to show all the hard work that they put into their videos. Several weeks ago, during art, they directed, scripted, and edited their own videos for giving Tuesday. Each group of heroes hoped to win a special lunch for raising the most money, but have decided that banding together as one united school is much more rewarding than the competition in this instance.

On Wednesday, the heroes created beautiful works of art while making Christmas ornaments! They tried many different techniques, such as painting the outside, swirling paint on the inside, writing on the outside, or even putting clay on the outside to make a unicorn! All the ornaments turned out amazing!

On Wednesday the heroes went to Will’s house and got to have lots of fun decorating yummy cookies to give to homeless people. On Friday, the MHS heroes went downtown to hand out their Christmas cookies to the homeless. Thanks to Will and his family, it was a really awesome experience for the heroes to see their work put a smile on people’s faces.

During the exhibition, the heroes also got to direct the Christmas Variety Show! The past three weeks the heroes from all studios worked hard to put together acts, ranging from singing, to violin, to dance. The heroes did an amazing job in their performances!


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