Game Changers

At the end of their Game Design Quest, the ELS heroes have proven themselves to not only be game designers, but more like game changers. Throughout the quest, although they were inspired by many existing games of chance, strategy, and skill, they did not back down from the challenge of creating original games. And they did all this not for a grade or a reward or even a badge, but just for their love of learning. Even as they prepared for their exhibition, many heroes shared that what they would really like their families to walk away with after the exhibition is that learning is more important than having fun, and that learning is actually fun!

The heroes definitely changed the face of the game, thought outside the box, literally, as they transformed recycled cardboard boxes into games that engaged families and friends during the exhibition. Many parents and grandparents expressed how impressed they were to see what the heroes were able to create out of their own imaginations. Because the heroes had the freedom to create their games without restrictions or limitations, many of the games they created exceeded adult expectations. Over and over again, empowered with the freedom to make their own choices, the heroes prove to be capable of more than what is expected of them. They have definitely provided evidence that they are not just capable of playing the game, but their goal is to change the game.

The heroes did not stop proving to be game changers in just the Game Design Quest, but even in their Christmas Variety Show as well. With the freedom to direct the show themselves, they demonstrated that they are more than capable of producing a show that would bring so much joy to their families. Because their performances were created out their own joys in singing and dancing to songs and choreography of their own choice, their performances evolved into a show like no other. In just less than three weeks, the heroes gave the audience a Christmas show they would never forget. One grandma said this was the best Christmas show she had ever seen. Another mom requested that this be the start of a Christmas tradition, otherwise it would be a very sad Christmas without the Journey Academy Christmas Variety Show.

Week 3

Dec 10-14, 2018






Bible verse

1 Tim 2:12

… that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness

What does the Bible say we need to live peaceful live? Do you believe this is true?

1 Tim 2:3-4

This is good and pleases God our savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

How do we come to a knowledge of the truth? What would you say to someone who disagrees with what you believe is true?

1 Tim 2:5

There is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, Christ Jesus

How would you convince someone who believes in many gods that there is only one God?

1 Tim 2:6

Jesus gave himself as ransom for all people.

What would you say to Jesus knowing that he has come to save you?

1 Tim 2:8

Pray lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing

What strategies have helped you resolve conflicts without anger or disputes?

Questions about Christmas

What special message did the angels bring?

Who is emmanuel?

Where was Jesus born?

How did St. nicholas become santa claus?

ES worship

Game Buddies


Exhibition planning questions

What is most important when pitching your game to customers? The purpose of the game or how to play the game?

If you were to make anything in the world right now to share with others, what would it be?

How can we keep parents engaged and focused on the Exhibition the whole time?

What is one thing I can do to ensure excellence during this Exhibition?

What would you do next time to make the Game design quest and exhibition better?


Where do you need to spend most of your energy: your pitch or your game?

What else do you need to do to get ready to show your work to the public?

What is your role during the exhibition and how will you contribute to the success of the exhibition?

What is the most important lesson for your family to walk away with after the exhibition?

Cole and annabelle celebration

Upcoming Quest: Apologetics

Week 1

What is apologetics?

What do you believe?

Week 2

Who is God?

Week 3

Who is Jesus?

Week 4

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Week 5

How do you know that the Bible is true?

Week 6

How will you share what you believe?

Week 1

What do you believe?

Wed 1/2

What are YOUR questions about YOUR faith?

Thurs 1/3

Where will you find the answers?

Fri 1/4

Why is it important to find answers to your questions?

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