The Greatest Designer of All

Our overarching question for this year is, How does a hero balance faith and works? They had a wonderful discussion about the importance of balance, the temptation to want to keep playing and/or play a game with bad content, the strain gaming can cause in your relationships with people and God, and how to recognize and give thanks to God for creating FUN. This led to a beautiful reminder of the Greatest Designer of All – our Creator and Maker – God. He is the one who created us in His image and created our minds to design, think, wonder, and develop games that are fun, educational, and bring us together. A few heroes shared they could see themselves becoming a future game designer.

Yesterday was full of FUN at the Game Maker Exhibition! That was the first goal the expert game maker gave the heroes last week – to create a game that is fun – and that is what they did. Thank you all for coming out and playing the games they designed. The heroes reflected and shared what their greatest challenges and greatest rewards were during the past three weeks. Here were some of their remarks:

  1. The high school math was hard, but we kept at it. That was challenging and rewarding.
  2. Coming up with a game was pretty easy. I find I come up with games a lot outside of Journey.
  3. It was difficult to making instructions.
  4. I knew how to play my game, but putting it into words or a video was difficult.
  5. It was neat to learn about probability. I already used it playing Exploding Kittens at home.
  6. Though this quest was about creating a game, it was way harder than I was expecting it to be.

Below are Game Maker Exhibition pictures.

Devotions took on a different look this quest, and the feedback was positive. At a check-in, one hero shared, “Devotion time I felt lost as to what to work on or do. This way of devotions gets me excited, and there is purpose to what I am learning about. I don’t feel lost. I feel like I am learning while creating a special gift.” The heroes worked hard on their ornaments and devotional book. May they be a blessing to you and your family.

Have you asked your hero:

  1. What they were most nervous about for the Exhibition?
  2. How many Hero Bucks they spent at the Hero Buck Store?
  3. What they bought at the Hero Buck Store?
  4. What the Bible Verse for this quest was?
  5. What was the most difficult part of the Escape Room?
  6. What challenge their Squad Group created for the ELS Friday Challenge?
  7. What some of the items were in the Mystery Box today?

Christmas Variety Show

The ES solving clues to escape the room!

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